Starlink is now coming to India

Starlink is now coming to India: you can reserve it for $99

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Starlink is a satellite internet constellation. The satellite is constructed by SpaceX which provides a satellite internet connection. The main aim of SpaceX is to build such a low latency, broadband internet system which will be able to meet the needs and demand for the Internet to the consumers around the world. For those who are unaware Starlink is already growing at a good pace as of October 27, 2020, there were over 800 Starlink satellites are in orbit. But in India Starlink is not available yet. Though for those who have been eagerly waiting for internet broadband it’s good news. There is cheerful energy about the Starlink availability in India. SpaceX itself has confirmed that soon internet broadband will be available.

Starlink is now coming to India

Starlink Availability in India

As informed by the company the internet broadband will be available in most of the regions in India. Although there is no such specification that it could not be available in all the regions. This service could be available in India by 2022. Also, the exact roadmap and timing of the rollout are not confirmed and even not informed by SpaceX.

Starlink Pre-order details

The company is now accepting pre-order just for $99. Those who will order it now will reserve one of the first installations in their region or at your location. This will be possible when the service will be available in the country. This pre-order is for the purchase of the Starlink equipment which is required to access the internet service. The company has informed that by placing this deposit payment you have to established priority within your region for purchasing the Starlink Kit when available in the region. For those who are willing to pre-order the service, the company is accepting payments through credit cards, debit cards, and Apple Pay. However, Apple Pay is not officially available in India. The amount is fully refundable.

Testing Starlink satellite broadband

SpaceX is testing the service. This will provide a speed boost to 300Mbps this year. But during the beta phase till now users get speed between 50Mbps and 150Mbps which the latency expected between 20ms and 40ms all this depends on the location. By 2022, the company will boost the speed up to 300Mbps. This will be a great competition to fiber broadband and wired broadband including Reliance Jio Fiber and Airtel Xstream broadband.

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