LPG Price Hike by 25

LPG Price Hike: cooking gas gets costlier by Rs 25

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LPG is the main source of the common man for cooking food. As cooking food without LPG cannot be imagined by anyone these days. It’s been a time that the prices of LPG cylinders are increasing very rapidly. This makes a situation very problematic for the common man to perform their daily task in cooking food. This has surely been hurting the budget of the common man. On Monday it was seen that prices have been increased again the country for LPG cylinders. However, this hike gave a shock to everyone as it is the second hike in four days. On Monday the price was hiked by Rs 25. Even just three days ago the price was hiked by Rs 25.

LPG Price Hike by Rs 25

New LPG cylinder price

These new prices after the hike will be implemented in the country from March 1, 2021. As of now the price of a 14.2 kg household gas cylinder will now be available at Rs 819 in Delhi. Earlier it was seen that on February 4 and February 14 the price was increased. Now again on February 25, the price was increased by Rs 25.

Hike in LPG cylinders from December

If we look over the data of the price of LPG cylinders in December then they were increased twice. Its rate was increased from Rs 594 to Rs 644. Again on December 15, 2021, the prices were increased which makes the cylinder stood for Rs 694. This shows that for almost Rs 100 the price was increased that too within a month. There was no increase in the price of LPG cylinders in the month of January. But in the month of February, the prices were again increased. This is the third time in February as prices were hiked by Rs 25.

Reason for the hike

As of February 4, the prices were increased by Rs 25 and on February 14 the price was hiked by Rs 50. This shows since December it was around Rs 200 as the price was increased. Those who are unaware that state-run oil companies which decide the price of LPG gas cylinder. These prices are affected by the international fuel rate. This shows there are around 30 crore LPG connections in the country. As the hike in price will surely affect their budget.

Price of Diesel and Petrol

As of March 1, there is no hike in the price of petrol and Diesel. But we have seen that the price of petrol and diesel are already touching an all-time high. Even on February 28, the rates were stable.

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