Happy Valmiki Jayanti 2020

Happy Valmiki Jayanti 2020

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According to the Hindu lunar calendar, Valmiki Jayanti is celebrated on the 15th day of Shukla Paksha in the Ashwin month. Also known as Pragat Diwas, Valmiki Jayanti as per the Hindu calendar, it is celebrated each year on the full moon day of the Shukla Paksha in the Ashwin month.
It is said that on Ashwin Purnima, as per the Hindu lunar calendar, Maharishi Valmiki was born. So, this day commemorates the anniversary of the birth of Maharishi Valmiki, who in Sanskrit composed the Ramayana. Devotees of Saint Valmiki perform Shobha Yatras or processions on this day and sing devotional songs and bhajan songs. Maharishi Valmiki hailed as Adi Kavi or the first poet of the Sanskrit language, did extreme penitence for years to accomplish the stature of a great saint. For his devotion and dedication, none other than Devarishi Narada blessed him.
Happy Valmiki Jayanti 2020

Valmiki Jayanti 2020: Timings of Puja

Today, on Saturday 31 October 2020, Valmiki Jayanti is celebrated. The Valmiki Jayanti Purnimatithi starts on Oct 30, 2020, at 05:45 PM, and ends on October 31, 2020, at 08:18 PM.

Happy Valmiki Jayanti wishes, quotes, WhatsApp messages, status, and greetings

  • Everyone who walks the path of dharma, in their Karma, never goes wrong. They will earn Shri Ram’s blessings and live a happy life. Happy Valmiki Jayanti.
  • The life of Lord Valmiki teaches us that we are not born good or evil, that our greatness is determined by our deeds. The 2020 Happy Valmiki Jayanti.
  • Ramayan ke rachaita evam Sanskrit ke Adi Kavi ko pranam. Mere sabhi mitron ko Valmiki Jayanti Ki Anant shubh kamnayein!
  • Ram Sita hain mere pujya prabhu, inke charanon mein karoon main namaskar. Jab bhi ho naya pratah kaal, ram ram naam japoon mein barambar. Valmiki Jayanti ki anant shubh kamnayein
  • Adi Kavi Valmiki Ki Jayanti par meri or se aapko pranam. Bhagwan Valmiki ki kripa aap par sadaiv bani rahe.

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