Mon. Jan 24th, 2022
Indian Army
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Indian army formulated its separate WhatsApp which is so comparable to WhatsApp, that we are operating, is named as SECURITY APPLICATION FOR THE INTERNET [SAI]. On 28th October 2020, the Indian army undertook SAI which has the same feature that we have in normal WhatsApp, telegram, and GIMS apps. This app is primarily developed to ensure the massive state confidence and prevent the spread of any sensitive data to intelligence agencies internationally that can bring a bad reputation to the Nation. As we all know that when it comes to cybercrime, India always takes actions to prevent them but still lacks a certain point; that’s why the Indian army created this app which assists an end-to-end encryption messaging code that is sealed voice, text, and video calling within its services for android platforms over the Internet and boost the Army’s autonomous mantra in the technology area.

Indian Army
Indian Army

Indian army’s SAI app specs

Currently, a few groups are working on the process for classifying intellectual property rights, hosting the information on NIC, and even making the app available on the iOS platform to work.

Purpose of SAI

In 2018, an incident took place where a group of commanders settled confidential information at the IAF headquarters in New Delhi, and eventually, the evidence was ambushed by a Pakistani woman spy, who was striving to nearly bait much Indian military personnel and also that’s the reason when Government of India has asked to demolish apps such as Facebook, Truecaller, PUBG, and Instagram, etc. As per one of the Indian soldiers, states, “It aids end-to-end secure voice, text, and video calling services for the android outlet over the internet, the model SAI scores over on security characteristics with local in-house and servers, coding which can be lifted as per the requirements”. To access the SAI WhatsApp, the army will be utilized by Pan Army to facilitate the messengers within the assistance of defense criteria.

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The mastermind behind the SAI

The app is governed by high officials CERT and army cyber groups. SAI was originally formulated by Colonel Sai Shankar, the commanding officer of a signals unit in Rajasthan, and later gave rise to military-grade standards. Defense minister Rajnath Singh appreciated and complimented Col Sai Shankar for his talent and creativity for formulating such an app that secures and increases the country’s prestige.

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