What is The Best Way to Find Diamonds in Minecraft?

You’ll become one of the most powerful – and garnish – hole-diggers on the server after you learn how to discover diamonds in Minecraft. Diamonds are almost always discovered buried deep down, frequently at depths that are rather dangerous and will put your mining skills to the test.

Getting to the point where you’re prepared to snuffle for hardened carbon should be one of your early goals because Diamonds are in the upper echelons of Minecraft’s resource hierarchy, making Diamond Swords one of the best weapons and Diamond Pickaxes excellent mining tools. The Caves and Cliffs update drastically altered how diamond ore is generated.

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What is the Best Way to Find Diamonds?

Minecraft Below Y-level 16, diamonds can be found, and the deeper you go, the more common they become. You have a range of roughly Y16 to Y-59 to mine because the bottom five layers of the floor in Minecraft are primarily bedrock (Y-level -64 as of the 1.18 release).

Remember that towards the lower end of this range, they’ll be substantially more prevalent but still fairly unusual, so anything between Y-50 and Y-59 should offer you a good chance of finding diamonds.

Make sure you’re using a pickaxe made of iron or a better material once you’ve finally located some diamonds in Minecraft. The ore can be broken with stone and wood tools, but they won’t produce any diamonds!

Diamonds serve as the base and are significantly simpler to obtain than Minecraft Netherite, which is currently the most robust material for weapons and armor (though still somewhat hard in the grand scheme of things).

You’ll be prepared to face any opponent if you acquire a full suit of Diamond armor, a Diamond pickaxe, a Diamond sword, and an Enchanting Table. Even the most experienced miner or explorer will take a long time to gather the dozens of diamonds necessary to fully equip themselves. Here are some additional suggestions for discovering diamonds in Minecraft in light of that.

how do i find diamonds in minecraft

  • Make Sure You’re Viewing at the Right Level by Using Your Coordinates

If the discussion of Y-levels has confused you, you can view your coordinates by pressing F3 in Minecraft Java Edition or by turning on the “Show Co-ordinates” setting in Bedrock Edition’s world settings.

  • Locate and Hear for Lava Pools

Lava pools are naturally more open locations where you can look at more blocks, although diamonds do not frequently spawn nearby. Additionally, every single block you observe surrounding a natural lava puddle at that level indicates that it could contain Diamond Ore.

  • Branch Mine to Disclose the Most Blocks Possible

Digging to the necessary Y-level and producing a long, horizontal tunnel with symmetrical, straight routes branching off is known as branch mining. You must establish a branch down your main tunnel every third block, in both directions, for best efficiency.

You need to leave a two-block thick wall between branches. After all, you don’t want to construct new branches every other block because you’ll only be exposing the opposite side of a block you’ve already seen and reducing how many new blocks — and possible Diamonds — you’re noticing.

  • Investigate Deep Caves

In the course, caves are a big part of Minecraft as well. So, if you come to a complicated network of caves that extends far into space, load up on supplies (food, torches, weapons, and armour) and begin exploring! Large cave networks can be an excellent strategy to avoid mining your way to the lowest points on Earth, where diamonds are most numerous.

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  • Deep Dark Biomes Should Be Avoided

These new biomes, added in 1.19, spawn at depths comparable to those where diamond ore is typically found. Deep Dark biomes, however, can be challenging for untrained players; if you encounter one, tunnel away from it as it only offers drawbacks.

how to find diamonds in minecraft

  • There is a Slim Possibility That Naturally Created Chests Contain Diamonds

Although far beneath, diamonds are typically found in their ore form, modest amounts of ordinary diamonds can also be found in lootable containers. Make sure to search any nearby chests if you come across a shipwreck, mineshaft, desert or jungle temple, fortress, or settlement since you can find helpful treasures, such as the rare diamond.

Finding the diamond in Minecraft ultimately comes down to luck, but there are several strategies and advice you can apply to increase your chances. Regardless of how you acquire diamonds, ensure you have enough to outfit yourself, as this will make you the server’s envy.

  • If You Already Possess an Enchanting Table, Mine the Ore With a Fortune Pickaxe

Diamonds must be spent to obtain diamonds. Still, if you have already created a pickaxe with the Fortune enchantment, you can use it to improve the likelihood that each block of diamond ore you mine will yield more than one diamond.

Making an Enchanting Table is a terrific way to gather additional Diamonds at once quickly, but you do need to have already collected Diamonds to do so. A long-term investment that is.

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