How to Lock Applications on an Iphone?

Locking apps on your iPhone can add an extra layer of security for private and sensitive data and even limit how frequently you use the more addictive ones. Sadly, Apple doesn’t provide an official means to lock each application. However, a Screen Time hack allows you to protect your sensitive apps momentarily.

The following instructions will show you how to lock applications on your iPhone, whether you need to set a time restriction on how frequently you navigate social media apps or want to hide some apps from curious eyes. You can also obtain a free iPhone 13 from Verizon if you need a new phone.

How to Lock Applications on an iPhone?

You may set a time limit for how long you can use a specific app each day with Apple’s Screen Time feature, and once that timer expires, the only way to access the app is by entering your password.

The app is locked for the day, but you’ll need to use the entire daily allotment. The good news is that you must have the app open for one minute.

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  • Use This Technique to Lock Apps on iPhone First-party

App locking at the system level is not supported by iOS natively. Therefore, there are now just a few apps that can be individually locked. A few workarounds and fixes can be used to get the same effect. To close the third-party programs on iOS, adhere to the methods below.

You will need to make use of the Restrictions function on iPhones running iOS 11 or earlier. First, go to the Settings app and open the General section. Next, open the Restrictions tab by scrolling down and clicking on it.

Then, click Enable Limits. You will then need to type in and confirm a new passcode. You are given a number of choices after the limits are enabled using a special passcode. The only downside of this is that only first-party app

You may stop disabled apps from showing up on the home screen by using this way to swipe the green toggle symbol for each app to the off position. This option doesn’t really lock the device, but it does stop the app from functioning on the device.

It also functions as a short-term form of app removal. This approach may not be the best for most users, though, as the apps you lock here won’t be accessible until you re-allow them via the limitations tab.

  • Use the Screen Time Limits Feature to Lock Apps on Your iPhone

  • The Screen Time tab may be found in the Settings app.
  • Then navigate to the App Limits area and select Add Limit.lock apps on iphone

You must choose which applications to restrict access to by selecting the checkbox to the left of the app category, such as Social Networking when the app displays a list of available apps for you to choose from.

Select a time limit for the use of the app classification; you can also specify the days of the week on which this restriction should be in effect; tap the Add button to save the settings.

  • Use Guided Access to Lock Apps on the iPhone

Using Guided Access is the most extreme technique to lock your apps. Another nuclear app lock option is guided access, which forbids you from closing an open app. When you need to offer your phone to another user for usage of a specific app but are concerned that they might use it elsewhere without your permission, this can be quite helpful.

The iPhone’s guided access function for locking apps is quite cool. It allows you to lock your device so that you can only use a specific app. Simply triple-press the start button or the touch-ID to enable the Guided Access feature in any app.

Because it restricts the device to a single app, this feature functions. Therefore, it is useful when giving your phone to friends or family. However, you are concerned that someone might check your Instagram or SMS messages by hacking into other apps.

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To exit guided mode once more, triple-press the power button or touch-id, enter the secure password, and click End in the top right corner.

  • Using a Third-party App to Lock Apps on the iPhone

Contrary to Android, which has a tonne of apps for this, the iPhone does not officially support third-party lock apps that let users lock any program. Installing third-party programs like BioProtect, Locktopus, and AppLocker is the best option.

how to lock apps on iphone

Only iPhones that have been jailbroken can use these apps. As jailbreaking the iPhone is only for experienced users, we do not advise utilizing these apps or the entire process. However, you are still welcome to test these out.


It is vital to reset your Notes passwords if you can’t remember them after creating a password with one or more notes. Check out this guide if you’re experiencing problems changing your Notes password while also turning on Touch ID. If this is your first time, kindly adhere to the directions below.

The Notes app is now secure thanks to the addition of Touch ID for locking apps on iPhone. You now have complete access to the functionality of the Notes app. Additionally, knowing that nobody other can read what you’ve written gives you peace of mind. You may enable Touch ID for the Calendar app in the iPhone’s Settings.

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