Her Private Life Season 2 Release Date: Is It Happening? Know All the Updates Here!


Her Private Life is a popular South Korean romantic comedy series that aired on tvN in 2019. The first season, based on a web novel titled “Noona Fan Dot Com” by Kim Sung-yeon, featured Park Min-young and Kim Jae-wook as the main characters.

The show gained positive reviews for its delightful and humorous storyline, likable characters, and impressive cinematography.

Despite its success, fans have been eagerly anticipating a second season since the first one ended with a cliffhanger. The series became even more popular when it was adapted into a Netflix original in 2020. Many viewers are now curious about the possibility of a second season and when it might be released.

What’s The Status Of Her Private Life Season 2 Release Date?

Unfortunately, there’s no official word from the producers or the network on whether Her Private Life Season 2 will happen or not. The show’s popularity has decreased because of low ratings and mixed reviews from critics. So, it’s unlikely that we’ll hear any news about a second season soon.

Her Private Life Season 2 Release Date

Although some sources speculate that Her Private Life Season 2 could come out in 2024 or 2025 if things go smoothly. This is based on the idea that the first season took about two years to make and air, so it might take another two years for the second season to be ready.

Cast Of Her Private Life Season 2

If there’s a second season of Her Private Life, most of the cast is likely to return. Park Min-young will come back as Sung Deok-mi, the head curator at Cheum Museum of Art and a fan of Cha Si-an (Jung Jae-won).

Kim Jae-wook will reprise his role as Ryan Gold, the new art director at the museum, who pretends to date Deok-mi to protect her from his ex-girlfriend Kim Hyo-jin (Kim Bo-ra).

Other important characters will likely be portrayed by Kim Sun-young as Uhm So-hye, Ryan’s boss involved in embezzlement; Choi Go as young Ryan Gold; Jung Jae-won as Cha Si-an; Kim Bo-ra as Kim Hyo-jin; Park So-yi as young Sung Deok-mi; and Lee Seung-gi as Cha Si-an’s father.

Expected Plot Of Her Private Life Season 2

The story of Her Private Life season 2 is still unknown, but it could explore unresolved issues from the first season. For example, how will Deok-mi handle her feelings for Ryan after he confessed his love?

How will she balance her work and personal life? What about dealing with Hyo-jin’s schemes? And how will their relationship impact their careers?

Her Private Life Season 2 Release Date

There might also be new developments, like Deok-mi’s friendship with Sindy (Kim Bo-ra), who is also a fan of Cha Si-an under a different name.

Ryan may have an encounter with Lee Sol (Choi Soo-young), an artist who suffers from Stendhal syndrome. Additionally, Uhm So-hye might face consequences for her involvement in corruption, leading to her downfall.

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Trailer for Her Private Life Season 2

As I mentioned before, there isn’t a trailer or teaser for Season 2 of Her Private Life yet. But fans can still enjoy clips and episodes from the first season on streaming platforms like Netflix, Viki, YouTube, and others. Also You can watch the trailer of its prior season here.

Where To Watch Her Private Life Season 2?

Depending on their distribution rights, a second season of Her Private Life may once again be accessible on Netflix or tvN. However, fans shouldn’t anticipate any updates anytime soon as there hasn’t been any confirmation regarding the project’s production status or release date.

Until then, fans will have to wait patiently for any updates regarding Her Private Life season 2. They can pass the time by viewing other Korean dramas or films, including Reply1997, Crash Landing on You, Itaewon Class, etc., that are in the same genre as Her Private Life.

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IMDb Ratings Of Her Private Life Season 1

Season 1 of “Her Private Life” has an average rating of 7.7 out of 10 on IMDb, with a total of 1 million votes. The highest rating, a 9 out of 10, was given by a user who appreciated Park Min-young’s acting and chemistry with Kim Jae-wook.

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Final Words

Her Private Life is a Korean romantic comedy series loved by many for its sweet and funny story, charming characters, and beautiful cinematography. The first season ended with a suspenseful moment, leaving fans curious about what will happen to the main couple, Sung Deok-mi and Ryan Gold.

As of now, there’s no official news about the second season, and it might be a while before it comes out. Fans will have to be patient and enjoy similar shows in the meantime.

The show is all about celebrating the passion for art and fandom, making it a worthwhile watch. Share your thoughts on this K-drama in the comments, and feel free to check our website for more information.

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