Dragon Ball the Breakers Release Date: Is It a Hide and Seek Game?

Dragon Ball: The Breakers is expected to be one of the most original entries in the long-running franchise. The previous Dragon Ball games were either fighting games or role-playing games, but The Breakers want to try something new with its take on the asymmetrical multiplayer genre.

Instead of putting players in the shoes of Dragon Ball’s legendary cast, the game casts them as the less-than-powerful humans being pursued by villains such as Frieza, Cell, and Buu.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers was unveiled for the first time last year, and a closed network test was conducted around the same time. This beta offered fans a choice between the iconic Dragon Ball comic relief character Oolong and a customizable human character.

It also provided the opposing side’s fans the opportunity to play Cell, who is as terrifying as he is in the canon. According to a new trailer from Bandai Namco Entertainment, the game will be made available to fans once more.

How to Play?

In Dragon Ball: The Breakers, players immerse themselves in the role of Survivors, a squad of seven ordinary individuals up against a Raider, an immensely powerful foe. Imagine how much fun you had as a child playing hide-and-seek.

Now, you’ll be able to play an online version of the game with larger stakes and Dragon Ball features! The game’s survivors begin without any special abilities, but with the aid of different secret artifacts, they have a chance to escape the impending fate of the Raider.

dragon ball the breakers release date

To utilize the skills of various Dragon Ball characters, it is possible to equip Transpheres, which hold the soul of a warrior, and to meet specific prerequisites. This will allow players to temporarily transform into the iconic hero and unleash his strength against the Raider.

Collaborate with other Survivors to win the game, or work alone to survive the match. In contrast, the Raiders will win the match by eliminating all Survivors from the map.

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Referring back to the comparison of hide-and-seek, if you were the seeker, you could eliminate other players from the game by locating them; in this situation, you simply ensure they are eliminated.

They will begin with a First Form and grow as they complete particular objectives, which unlocks the use of new skills. When playing as a Raider, you’ll have the chance to utilize the talents of well-known Dragon Ball characters, such as Cell or Frieza’s special moves.

Release Date for Dragon Ball the Breakers

Steampowered Confirms, that the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC versions of Dragon Ball: The Breakers will be released on October 13 in Japan and on October 14 worldwide. In addition to the game, the Standard Edition includes an in-game transpire and scouter accessory. This edition is only available digitally. Until now, this edition has not had a price tag.

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Additional in-game costumes, a victory pose, and a vehicle skin were added to the game’s Special Edition, along with the previously featured transpire and scouter attachment. Only the physical and digital versions of this release will be sold at the $29.99 price point. At some point in the future, Bandai will reveal more about digital preorders.

Dragon Ball the Breakers Network Test

The teaser also demonstrates a variety of methods for evading an assailant, such as deploying the Solar Flare to momentarily blind the opponent or Bulma’s charm to divert them.

A second closed network test for Dragon Ball: The Breakers has been announced, and registration is open until August 1. Between August 5 and 6, users will have the opportunity to stress test the technological boundaries of The Breakers’ servers using a piece of the game. Several pre-order extras have been disclosed, such as the Limited Edition Bundle’s special figure of Cell’s cocoon.

Trailer of Dragon Ball: The Breakers

The trailer takes place on the planet Namek, as a player character tries to rescue a Namekian infant who has been trapped. Seen through the Scouter’s projection, the player briefly accesses Son Goku’s strength to strike a blow. It fails, and Frieza’s original form emerges from the smoke.

During a Dragon Ball: The Breakers match, Frieza will change between his first four forms, with the more slender Super Frieza being essentially invulnerable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Dragon Ball: Breakers support several platforms?

In an interview with Siliconera, Producer Ryosuke Hara was questioned whether Dragon Ball: The Breakers would include cross-platform functionality. There are currently no plans to offer cross-platform and cross-save, Hara said.

What is the Best-selling Dragon Ball Video Game?

Certain sub-series have performed exceptionally well, such as the Budokai series, which has sold millions of copies, while Bandai Namco has claimed that the Dragon Ball Xenoverse series (Dragon Ball Xenoverse 1 and 2) has sold over 14 million copies globally across all platforms.

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