TikTok is being sued by a 12-year old British girl over use of her personal data, identity of the girl had been anonymous

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Tik tok has been one of the most famous application which is owned by the Chinese company. The application has been in the controversy since months. Recently a new case has been reported that a 12 year old British girl is suing Tik Tok. This is because of the use of her personal data. The girl has took the application to the court claiming that the European Union’s strict data protection rules were violated by the app. However, the identity of the girl had been anonymous. This is being done to encourage the girl that she could keep her problem in front of the court. Anne Lingfield is the Children’s Commisioner for England. She will be taking the case of the girl to the court. However, the brace girl has did a great job in expressing the problem to the court.

TikTokReason behind keeping girl’s identity anonymous

It is observed that if the identity of the girl has been revealed then there are the possibilities that she could face bully from her friends and fellows. Also she could also face negative reactions from the social media influencers. She could also be punished by user of the app seeking revenge if her name were released. Also there is a threat to her also for her family. All these are the reasons that the girl’s identity has been kept anonymous.

Children’s privacy data

In various countries the privacy protection of the children has been kept under heavy duty by the EU Watchdogs. But in Europe the things are little strict. There are various such organizations who have been practicing to coordinate the investigation over such cases. Also the company has revealed that the company has also been protecting the identity and privacy of the users. Specifically in the case of the young users the privacy has been the main concern by the Tik Tok. But it has been seen that after this incident the parent company has been questioning the US over what happens to the data of the users. But it is seen that US administration acts as through all Chinese companies steal data from the drums. Such scenario has never been confirmed by US.

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