Huawei Smart Selection Camera Pro

Huawei Smart Selection Camera Pro goes on Sale, first to run Harmony OS

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Huawei has been one of the fastest growing company around the globe. The company usually deals in the smartphones range in the market. But recently in November, 2020 the company has unveiled the Smart Selection Camera Pro and Smart Door Bell Pro. But the recent information came that Huawei Smart Selection Camera Pro will go on sale. The main specifications which attracts the consumers towards this device is that it will be the first camera which is equipped with Harmony OS. There are also various attractive features and specifications of the camera which encourages the consumers to to purchase this gadget. Let’s have a look over the key specifications, features, and price and availability of the camera.

Huawei Smart Selection Camera Pro price and availability

The camera is all set to be available on sale at the offer for 289 Yuan which is roughly estimated as $44 for the 32 GB variant whereas the 64 GB variant will be available for 389 Yuan which is roughly estimated as $60. Whereas the RRP price of the camera are slightly higher. As the 32 GB variant has been set up at the price of 299 yuan which is roughly estimated as $46 and the 64 GB variant will be priced for 399 Yuan which is roughly estimated as $61. Those who want the purchase this amazing gadget they can purchase it from Jingdong or Also the shipping of the device will start from January 16.

Huawei Smart Selection Camera Pro Specifications

  1. The camera offers four selling points Harmony OS, secure built in storage, AI smart detection+, and 2K ultra high definition picture quality
  2. It offers 360° portrait mode
  3. It also supports one click video calls and NFC tags. It offers one touch fast network distribution
  4. It camera has 32GB and 64GB eMMC memory
  5. The HiLink SDK of camera has achieved the highest security certification in the IoT field
  6. The camera can also be connected to the smartphone and provide live surveillance

Not only this Huawei has launched a smart camera S which stats for 159 Yuan. The company has been dealing in great camera specifications and also the new models of the camera’s specifications and price go hand in hand.

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