Wed. Jan 26th, 2022
Harry Styles
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One Direction Band boy “Harry Styles” sets off the new year with the song “Treat People With Kindness”. This line has been often quoted by the singer on social media platforms. The video is featuring Fleabag Star Phoebe who is seen opening the video. The setup of the music video resembles a office. Whole music video has been shot on black and white mode giving old Hollywood movies vibes.

Harry StylesMusic video is giving Old Hollywood Movies Vibe

In the Music Video Phoebe is seen wearing a white suit, bidding farewell to her boss and heads out, and soon Harry Styles is seen in a sequined suit of his own, paired up with an argyle vest and bow tie. Harry is seen performing at a night club before the crowd before him and then shows off some moves alongside the backup dancers while singing. Phoebe then descends the stairs and joins in the fun and start dancing on the Floor as Harry jumps from one table to another making way for her. Phoebe then  loses her jacket and shows up a matching sweater vest, and then Harry and Phoebe both get to the stage and perform together in such a way which makes one remember old Hollywood Movies Vibes, with a little bit of  more silliness and cheekiness in the Music Video.

“The addition of Phoebe as a Co-star has lifted up the Video”

The video looks very inspiring and the concept of the video is very unique. Harry Styles keeps up with the expectations and delivers a superb Music Video. The collaboration with Fleabag Star, Phoebe has taken the video to a whole other level. Lets see how his fans react to this first song of 2021 by Harry Styles

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