Google Photos new update on ANDROID - AI-powered editing features on Androi

Google Photos new update on ANDROID : AI-powered editing feature

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Google Photos new update on ANDROID, It seems like just yesterday when Google just launched a photos redesign alongside a new logo, today it is making a more substantive edit to the Photos app. Google is updating the image editor with new features to coincide with the launch of its new camera-centric phones.

These will run the gamut from automated machine-learning aided features to manual features that place more control in your hands. The new app was leaked earlier in the year, but it’s finally Being made official.

The first new feature is automatic edit suggestions from Google. The app will highlight actions it thinks will make your photo look better. you can accept these suggestions or ignore them for something more manual, but they’ll always be available.

Google Photos new update on ANDROID - AI-powered editing features on Androi

Google Photos Getting New Editor on Android With AI-Suggestions

Google says that more suggestions will come first to Pixel devices over the next few months, probably scheduled around the quarterly feature drop,

Google is also doing a better job of highlighting the granular editing options that exist in the Photos app. While they were previously hidden under drop-down menus, now they’re all accessible within one-tap.

Finally, Google is launching an apple-esque portrait lighting feature. With this new editing tool, you’ll be able to edit the lighting in portrait photos after the fact —even for older photos captured before the app.

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It’s all done by AI and machine learning, like most of Google’s other editing features. This will be available first on the PIXEL A4 5G and PIXEL 5 It could come to older Pixels later, but Google didn’t say at the time of writing.

The new Photos app is rolling out to the Play Store from today.

 Editing features on Android

  • Google is rolling out an update editor in the Photos app for Android.
  • It offers AI suggestions for edits and more granular manual control.
  • Portrait Light on the Pixel 4a 5G and Pixel 5 helps the face shine.


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