google integrate darker mode

Google will finally integrate a darker mode with its search engine

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Google is the world’s best multinational company which has specialization in internet-related services and products. Google provides tremendous services in the context of search engines. Google Chrome is the most famous search engine which is used by people around the world. Recently it was seen that Google is about to add dark mode in its search engine. Although the company is compatible with the latter the things are not applicable everywhere. This is the reason that when you search in the darker version of Google the results further appear in white background. Now according to the sources, Google is planning to change this. You will now be able to see the results even in darker mode.

google integrate darker mode

How to enable dark mode?

Google itself has confirmed that the company is testing for the Darker mode results. You can enable this in the settings. First, go to settings than in the customization options choose color options, and there you will find an option for dark mode. Select the dark mode and the feature will be applied to Google. This will further lead to making you visible results in darker mode on a black background. This new testing with the darker mode is confirmed by Google but its applicability will take some time.

Use of dark mode

Till now the company has announced that they are testing the dark mode for search results. But it is hard to know when all Google users will be able to use this feature. Testing is going on for many users. Recently on an interview spokeswoman has given information that shows that they are looking for various new ways to improve the user’s experience. As of now, they cannot say anything about the availability of this feature. So the users need to wait for some time to make use of this amazing model.

Companies switching to the dark mode

It seems like the dark mode has become the heart of many large corporations. There are various social media companies even who have been switching to dark mode. These are like Twitter, Microsoft word, and many more. Even smartphone companies are also rolling out updates which makes the smartphone applicable to dark mode.

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