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Yamaha SR-C20A, and SR-B20A have been launched in India with its SR-C20A coming in 100W sound output and SR-B20A coming in 120W sound output, so, comparatively SR-B20A is a bit powerful than the other one because of its sound output. Both these soundbars have in-built HDMI out port for support for TV ARC. Both the soundbars comes with an added advantage that you can control them via an app also.

Yamaha SR-C20A And SR-B20A Launched In India, Everything You Should Know About These Latest Soundbars

Both the soundbars have been successfully launched in India and getting positive response. Both of these soundbars ‘Yamaha SR-C20A and Yamaha SR-B20A’ come in a 2.1 channel setup and have two Digital Optical In ports each, but neither of these soundbars support 4K pass through. Lets talk about both of these in details :

SR-C20A Soundbar

SR-C20A, a compact soundbar has built-in subwoofer and bluetooth connectivity. This soundbar does not compromise with the quality of the sound with a built-in subwoofer, clear voice technology and bluetooth. This sound bar is easy to wall maount for even more space-saving possibilities.

Details Of SR-C20A Soundbar

Connector Type Bluetooth, Auxilary, HDMI
Speaker Type Soundbar
Speaker Brand Yamaha Audio
Model Name SR-C20ABL
Special Feature Built-in Subwoofer
Subwoofer Diameter 3 inches
Mounting Type Wall Mount
Speaker Surrounding Sound Channel Configuration 2.1
Soundbar Dimension 66×15.2×15.2 cms

SR-C20A soundbar has two 20W speakers for the left and right channel along with a 60W built-in subwoofer, offering 100W of sound output. It also comes with an Analogue Input port and has Dolby Audio support.

SR-B20A Soundbar

Yamaha SR-B20A has two 30W left and right channel speakers and the same 60W built-in subwoofer giving 120W of total output and has DTS Virtual:X support which allows the soundbar to deliver a 3D surround sound experience.

Details Of SR-B20A Soundbar

Connector Type Bluetooth, HDMI
Speaker Type Soundbar
Speaker Brand Yamaha Audio
Model Name SR-B20ABL
Special Feature Remote Control
Audio Output Mode Surround
Mounting Type Wall Mount
Soundbar Dimension 96.5×17.8×13.2 cms

Pricing Of SR-C20A Soundbar And SR-B20A Soundbar

  • SR-C20A Soundbar – INR 18,190
  • SR-B20A Soundbar – INR 19,990

Both of these soundbars come with Stereo, Standard, Movie, and Game Surround Sound modes and are available at e-commerce platform ‘Amazon’ and you can easily order it from there. For more, stay updated with the page.



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