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Delonte West Net Worth and his Mental Illness, and Personal Life

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Famous NBA player Delonte West is quite famous as the former running mate of NBA star LeBron James. However, his life outside the court is not known by many. Delonte West has struggled all his life. His story is a disturbing one. He was a player best known for his years with the Boston Celtics and Cleveland Cavaliers during his 8-year-long career. He has contributed to many NBA teams. Before joining NBA, West was a member of his college basketball team, Saint Joseph’s University.

Delonte West

Delonte West Net Worth in 2020

Unfortunately, Delonte West lived a life full of misfortunes. Reportedly, West had earned approximately $16 million throughout his career. In 2016, TMZ posted a picture of him wandering around a Houston fast-food restaurant. West then admitted that he had only $100,000 out of $16 million left. Further, reports surfaced that by 2012, West was using space heaters to keep his Maryland mansion warm as he could no longer afford to heat it. Many fans believe that the major cause of his downfall was his mental health. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Wests currently stands at $1000.

Delonte West mental illness

Delonte West carried an undiagnosed mental illness with him for a long time. In 2008, he discovered that he had bipolar disorder. At the time, he was a part of the Cleveland Cavaliers. Due to his mental health issues, West has had various incidents on and off the court. He has also had several encounters with the law. He was suspended from 10 games in 2010 after he pleaded guilty to possessing a gun. After his continued troublesome acts, including unexplained absences from important games, the NBA finally let him go in 2012. Even then, he made the headlines on-and-off, and the stories were only concerning. 

Delonte West personal life

Delonte West often described his childhood as “happy-poor” as he spent time bouncing from one relative’s place to another. He admitted to abusing drugs as a teen and engaged in self-harm. Thus, he spent a lot of time in the children’s hospital.

After he was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder in 2008, he initially accepted it. However, he could not handle it and blamed his mental health for all his actions. West has been in several troublesome situations with the law and with the general public. He has provided homes to his parents and many other relatives even though he was struggling financially.

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Delonte West has been in two serious relationships in the past. His first marriage ended in divorce. Later, he married Caressa Madden in 2013. The couple shares two sons. However, they are not together anymore.


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