Cheer Season 2: Everything You Need To Know!

Cherish the fact that coach Monica Aldama and her team of aspiring cheer-lebrities have returned for a second season, with all nine episodes available on Netflix as of today (Wednesday, January 12)… So, pike, don’t walk, but rather run, to your television right now.

As a result of its groundbreaking nature, the original six-part sports documentary series about the Navarro College cheerleading team became an instant hit when it premiered on Netflix in January 2020, earning it three Emmys in the process, including Outstanding Unstructured Reality Program for its outstanding achievement.

Cheer Season 2

It was a reality television show that followed five members of the forty-strong Cheer Team, along with their coach Monica, through the course of their journeys as they competed in the National Cheerleading Championship, which is the highest-level event for cheerleaders in the United States.

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And this second season is dedicated to the continued journey of the Navarro College Bulldogs Cheer Team, which is based in Texas.

As an added bonus, season 2 will consist of nine episodes, which is three more than the previous season, which should keep us just a little bit more interested.

What is Cheer season 2 about?

Cheer season 2 follows the Navarro College cheerleaders as they navigate the fame and scandal that has followed their Netflix success. While the Navarro College cheerleaders return, the landscape has changed dramatically.

A press release on the Netflix website reads: “After winning the championship last year, the Navarro cheer squad is back — but they have much more to worry about than just making their pyramid look perfect.” To cope with his newfound fame, which includes nearly constant interviews and appearances on shows such as Ellen and Dancing With the Stars, Navarro has turned to television.

Cheer Season 2

Not to mention that Jerry Harris (one of the original season’s stars) was arrested and charged by the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois with sexual offenses against minors, including the production of child pornography. This is addressed in the second season. Following the announcement, according to a Netflix press release, “the team is rocked” by the news, which is explicitly addressed in the season.

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When did Cheer season 2 air?

Cheer Season 2 premiered on Wednesday, January 12th, with all nine episodes available to stream on Netflix.

Final Words

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