Play Station 5 available soon

Chip shortage may threatened Play Station 5 supply: till second half of 2021

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Sony Play Station 5 is one of the most loved gaming consoles launched last year. Since the date when Sony has announced the gaming consoles there are various game lovers around the world waiting to have this at their desks. But some of the other reasons they are not able to so. As the gaming consoles have always been in the news for its specifications but it goes out of stock many times. This time the company has made an announcement for the stock update of the gaming console. This news might break your heart those who are thinking to purchase the device. Due to chip shortage, the device might face a shortage of supply. Play Station 5 has a huge demand as soon as stock fills up it goes out of stock. Till then the company has been struggling to maintains the stock. Now let’s have a look at when the device will start to pick up.

Sony Play Station 5 stock pick up

Play Station 5 available soon

According to the sources it was observed that Sony Interactive Entertainment President and CEO Jim Ryan has announced that the company will start to pick up the Play Station 5 stock in the second half of 2021. Due to its high demand still, gaming consoles are not available to everyone. But this time the company has said that this is due to a shortage of chips which is used inside the gaming console. This will surely give a shock to those gamers who have been waiting for Song to bring the stock back in the market.

Play Station 5 improvements

CEO of Sony has also informed that the company is about to bring various improvements in the device. As it will get better every month throughout 2021. He even concluded that by the time the users could get to the second half of 2021 and they will be able to see really decent numbers of the gaming console.

PS5 2021 Stock details

The company has announced that they will bring more PS5 consoles in 2021. In November and December, the company has already sold 4.5 million PS5. Even the CEO has informed that the company is about to launch a new virtual reality headset to connect PS5. This new device will be a high-end system with rich graphics.

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