Chuwi Launched 3:2 Screen Notebook

Chuwi Launched 3:2 Screen Notebook for Better Viewing, Specifications

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There are various screens available in the market with different aspects ratio. But it is believed that 3:2 screen has been one of the most preferred screen for the Laptops and PC. Recently there are various such devices in the market which has 16:9 aspect ratio. Although there is no denial that this aspect ratio is not worthy for the usage. But it is only fit for the entertainment purpose not for the content and arrow width. Recently one such example has been seen that Microsoft has promoted 3:2 screen in its products. The results have been seen by the people that while using the device with such a screen ratio has brought the maximization in the productivity as well as the effectiveness and efficiency of the device. These screen aspects are better for the windows system as reviewed by the officials till now. Chuwi has launched a laptop with 3:2 laptop lineup. Let’s have a look over the laptop range.

Chuwi Launched 3:2 Screen NotebookChuwi’s laptop range

Chuwi is one of the most famous Chinese laptop maker company. Recently it has launched a laptop with 3:2 screen ratio. The main motive of the company is to bring more productivity in the devices while using this. Also the screen resolution is 2k high with the 2160 × 1440 resolution. Using this enhancement in the device has lead to the sharp text viewing and improved colors and other screen features of the device.

The company has launched various series of the laptop let’s have look over it:-

  1. The 13 inch series consist of core book pro which offers i3 processor and it has 8GB + 256GB SSD. This device is perfect for the light office work. Other one is the Gemi Book which has Intel 4115 processor with 12GB + 256GB SSD.
  2. 14 inch series has Core Book X which has Core i5 processor with 16GB+ 256GB SSD. It could handle designing and video editing tasks easily. Other one is the Gemi Book Pro which has Intel j4125 processor with 16GB+512GB SSD.

Here we can see that using 3:2 screen aspect the device gives wide field of view, and narrow bezel. These are comfortable either for the office task or the simple working.

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