AGM announced its first 5G phone – AGM X5 all specs , expected date to launch soon

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AGM is all set to launch its company’s first 5G mobile phone. This mobile phone is expected to be launched in the market soon. There are many such companies which are launch 5G mobile phones or we can say that this is the era of the 5G phones. The company is about to launch the mobile phone which is mid range and it is affordable phone. AGM is generally known for its rugged mobile phones. AGM is one of the best selling outdoor mobile phones brand around the globe. This device which is about to launch is called as AGM X5. This is considered to be the World’s first rugged 5G smartphone. Also we have seen that the these mobile phones have appeared in many movies like Wold Warriors 2, TV series Thunder and many more. With this we can see that the users love to use the rugged mobile phones


Specifications of AGM X5 5G

  1. This AGM X5 will have the Dimensity 1000 or Ivy 510 processors.
  2. It supports SA and NSA networking
  3. This gadget will have 5 vertically arranged camera.
  4. This is also upgraded version as compared to the previous versions of the smartphones.
  5. The camera configuration of the device will be of ultra wide angle, telephoto, as well as macro lens.
  6. It also supports 100 million ultra high definition pixels
  7. It also has the waterdrop full screen. It could supports 2 metres drop and 10 metres waterdrop performance.
  8. It has back fingerprint unlocking design
  9. This device will have a heavy bodh
  10. The looks of the smartphone are like it has the curved body
  11. This device is equipped with the cool technology solar charging
  12. The capacity of the battery of the mobile phone will be upto 10000 mAh
  13. It will have memory of 12 GB and 512 GB
  14. This device is so much heavy like other rugged mobile phones.

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This device is expected to be launched by the end of December or in the mid of the 2021. This device might not have the better camera pixels. But surely it will be loved by the users. For the rugged lovers this 5G device might be amazing news for them. The features of the mobile phones will be available soon by the company.


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