Apple Watch 3 serious new problems with new update – Check it out Before you Buy

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Apple recently released a new update for the Apple Watch users. However, the new watchOS7 update caused a lot of problems for the Apple Watch 3 users. Generally, iPhone users have issues with recent updates, and the watch users don’t. Thus, it is a new concept for everyone. Reportedly, the recent update has caused crashes, shutdowns, battery issues, and many other problems for several users. They are extremely unhappy with the performance. Some of them even wish to be able to downgrade to watchOS6 immediately. 

Apple Watch 3 – Users’ complaints

In Apple’s support forum, a group of Series 3 users started a thread. Thousands of people took advantage of the platform to express their concerns. The most common complaints were about unprompted crashes and reboots. Many others faced some battery drainage issues as well. On 18th September, one user complained,

The Apple Watch shut itself down at least three times, locked itself while on my wrist four times, failed to load complications on multiple faces, and disconnected from the iPhone at least twice, all in one day.

Apple Watch 3 serious new problems with new update - Check it out Before you Buy

The same user also observed immense battery problems. Some other users mentioned that they were forced to reset their watch to download the new update. Some others had to deal with repeated restarts, and slow-complication reloads. Some users even admitted to having space issues. They said that they had to factory reset their watch. Nonetheless, the problem still wasn’t solved.

Apple’s attempts to fix the issue

On 24th September 2020, Apple released a watchOS7.0.1 update. Unfortunately, people were still facing several issues. Currently, Apple is beta-testing the watchOS7.1 update, but users are still doubtful that anything will change. On the other hand, it is unclear whether Apple is aware of these issues or not. However, they probably do know about it, considering the number of complaints on their page. 

Further, the watchOS7 update does seem to have some advantages, after all. It includes sleep tracking, Family sharing features, the ability to customize activity goals, and more customizable watch faces. Also, the issues are occurring only for those who use Apple Watch 3. The other watch models have not been affected. 

The reported bugs are quite common initially after the update. Previously, they were solved automatically. The users either waited for it to self-assess the problem or reinstalled the update. However, the old-school solutions aren’t working at the moment. The problem seems to be bigger than it is perceived. 


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