Best 10 Zombie Movies On Netflix

Train to Busan” in 2020 failed to excite you, you can pretend it never occurred and imagine that “#Alive” was the film that was supposed to come after it.

“Army of the Dead” is a spiritual successor to “Dawn of the Dead,” which was Zack Snyder’s first feature picture.

Cargo” is a magnificently dramatic genre treasure that carries equal strength as a statement on Australian indigenous issues.

Corpse Bride” is a gothic, ghastly, and impressively animated film that will provide joy to both the living and the dead.

The series itself was a hit on Netflix. Ashin of the North” is an entirely functional site-quel that works both independently and as an introduction

“Ravenous” is a straightforward story about surviving in a hostile environment, but it delivers a brutal punch despite its simplicity.