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Ethics Policy

The Branding Iron Online staff is devoted to providing content that is dependable and sensible.
While reporting on a story, our mission is to always give the entire picture in an unbiased and reliable manner.


The crew at Branding Iron Online is committed to providing objective and informative coverage of sports. The integrity and dependability of a piece of writing can be ensured by confirming its facts and sources before to publication. In addition, the documents are examined by multiple individuals at various checkpoints to ensure that they are accurate. We make every effort to maintain the accuracy and currency of this site’s content, but errors may occasionally occur. The poor judgement of a person might lead to accidental grave errors in judgement. In such a case, Branding Iron Online has the right to issue retractions, clarifications, or corrections.


Each employee at Branding Iron Online is accountable for upholding the company’s no-shading policy. The veracity of our reporting depends on the reliability of our sources, which we seek to establish by requesting that they disclose their motivations. Finding a compromise is vital when discussing significant matters.

In order to conceal their dishonesty, dishonest bookkeepers would delete crucial information. Also unjust is information that contradicts the truth. When a story misrepresents reality or misleads its audience, it is unjust. A comprehensive report will cover all pertinent angles and be objectively worded.

The report cannot be regarded fair if the individuals or locations featured in the story are not given the opportunity to rebut the statements or assumptions made about them. People should be given time to respond to what has occurred, what is occurring, and, most importantly, what has been said about them.


How honest you appear to others determines whether they will trust you.The personnel of Branding Iron Online has told us that they will take all necessary precautions to avoid conflicts of interest.No one who delivers us the news ever offers us a financial or other incentive.
We also do not accept money from governments, government-funded institutions, government officials, political parties, or legislators who have controversial stances on subjects.

Reporters and editors should receive no financial or other gain from the entities they investigate.Furthermore, all content published on Branding Iron Online must have appropriate citation.You cannot utilise anonymous source information without the editor’s consent.
In such a circumstance, authors and editors must be able to articulate the source’s transparency and dependability.

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