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Keeping readers up to date on forthcoming movie and television releases is a priority at Branding Iron Online. Everyone, in our opinion, enjoys watching movies and TV shows. As a result, we’ve assembled a team of the most enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and devoted members to discuss streaming movies and web series. In the entertainment business, our monitored team always delivers authentic content and accurate information.

Meet Our Team

Peter Neistat


Author and proofreader specializing in contemporary romance, literary fiction, and crime/thriller fiction. Aside from thrillers and mysteries, I also like writing about zombies, real-life criminal cases, erotica, and science fiction.

William Newell


Over the past four years, I honed my editing skills working in publishing as a proofreader, writer, and editor. I specialize in fiction (focusing on romance, thriller, and fantasy/sci-fi), narrative non-fiction, and how-to books on writing.

Clay O. Gribble


Clay O. Gribble has been a freelance writer for some years. As well as teaching writing, he also edits and consults on content. Clay is also a consultant to leading companies throughout the world in the arts and entertainment industries.

Nettie Hendricks


Nettie Hendricks is a frequent writer for a wide variety of film publications. She got her start in the industry as a freelance writer. She is now a freelance cinema journalist who contributes to many publications. Nettie Hendricks has also made several appearances in radio programs and TV movies.

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