Exploring Riveting Shows Like Snowfall: Tales of Crime, Power, and Struggle!


Snowfall, a critically praised criminal drama series, has captured audiences with its engaging writing, powerful performances, and realistic depiction of Los Angeles’ 1980’s crack cocaine epidemic.

If you’re looking for more series that explore similar topics like crime, power battles, and the influence on society, you’re in luck. In this article, we’ll look at a few captivating shows that share the harsh realism and complicated character relationships that make Snowfall so compelling.

The Wire

Many consider The Wire to be one of the finest television shows of all time, exploring the connection between crime, politics, law enforcement, and education in Baltimore, Maryland.

It, like Snowfall, offers a multidimensional investigation of the drug trade, diving into the lives of both criminals and law enforcement. Fans of Snowfall should watch The Wire because of its rigorous attention to detail and uncompromising presentation of systemic concerns.

Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad is a cultural phenomenon that follows Walter White, a high school chemistry teacher who becomes a methamphetamine maker. Walter sinks into a world of crime, power, and moral uncertainty as the story progresses. Breaking Bad, like Snowfall, investigates the implications of a character’s decisions and the ripple effects that occur in their personal lives and the greater community.

It’s an engrossing look at how power and the dark allure of the criminal underground can attract an apparently regular individual.


If you’re interested in the drug trade and its impact on society, Narcos will surely spark your curiosity. Narcos, based on true events, follows the rise and fall of prominent Colombian drug lords such as Pablo Escobar and the Cali Cartel.

Narcos bears thematic similarities with Snowfall, exposing the power dynamics and social turmoil produced by the illegal drug trade through its realistic depiction of drug warfare, complicated characters, and high-stakes narrative.


Ozark is an exciting mix of crime, family drama, and deep character growth. The story follows the Byrde family as they migrate to the Ozarks following the failure of a money-laundering plan.

They become entangled with local crooks and face several hurdles in their frantic struggle to keep themselves and their loved ones safe. Ozark, like Snowfall, deftly ties together numerous tales, delving into the dark side of society and the extent people will go to survive.

The Shield

The Shield is a gritty police thriller that looks into the Los Angeles Police Department’s dirty underbelly. The series, which is led by Michael Chiklis as Detective Vic Mackey, explores the blurring limits between law enforcement and criminals.

The Shield is inspired by Snowfall’s investigation of power struggles and moral dilemmas. It’s an intriguing look at how far people will go to keep control and defend their own interests.

Peaky Blinders

The crime drama series Peaky Blinders takes place in Birmingham, England, in the years following World War I. The Shelby’s are a notorious criminal family led by the magnetic Tommy Shelby, and they are the focus of this critically acclaimed TV show.

The intrigue of the criminal underground is explored in Peaky Blinders through a compelling story that combines crime and politics with family dynamics. Like Snowfall, it examines the far-reaching effects of organized crime on society and features multifaceted protagonists.

The Sopranos

The Sopranos is an iconic show that changed the face of television drama forever. Tony Soprano, a New Jersey mob boss, juggles the needs of his criminal organization with those of his personal life.

The complex mechanics of Tony’s criminal organization and his own inner turmoil are explored. The Sopranos is an interesting companion for fans of Snowfall due to its complex characters, sophisticated investigation of power, and morally ambiguous storyline.

Broadwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire is about Enoch “Nucky” Thompson, a crooked politician and bootlegger in Atlantic City during the Prohibition era. The series delves into such topics as the illegal alcohol trade, political corruption, and gang warfare.

Boardwalk Empire is an engrossing depiction of crime, power, and the impact of organized crime with its magnificent production design, deep storytelling, and morally nuanced characters. Like Snowfall, it transports viewers to another time and place while probing the far-reaching effects of crime on society.


Power is a crime drama series about James “Ghost” St. Patrick, a nightclub owner and drug kingpin who wants to leave his criminal past behind and start a legitimate business.

The show, set in New York City, dives into the complexities of the drug trade, the difficulties of leading a double life, and the ramifications of one’s conduct. Power, like Snowfall, combines dramatic storytelling with complex characters and the investigation of power dynamics inside the criminal underground.

The Americans

The Americans is a riveting spy story set during the Cold War era. The series centers around Elizabeth and Philip Jennings, an apparently regular American couple who are actually Soviet KGB operatives.

The drama tackles the complexity of devotion, identity, and the blurring lines between good and evil as they carry out their tasks while trying to maintain the façade of a normal family. The Americans share Snowfall’s exploration of the personal and societal repercussions of leading a double life, as well as the toll it takes on relationships.


These shows are worth checking out if you like Snowfall and are looking for something similar in terms of suspense, realism, and compelling storytelling. Each offers a fresh point of view on criminal activity, power battles, and the results for victims and communities.

These series will keep you on the edge of your seat with their intriguing storytelling and deep character dynamics. Furthermore, you can also add our website to your bookmarks for more future posts like this.

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