Sell Your Haunted House Season 2 Release Date: is It Renewed or Canceled!


Daebak Real Estate, also known as Sell Your Haunted House, is a South Korean television series in which a real estate agent who can speak with ghosts performs exorcisms on properties where ghosts are claimed to manifest. She is accompanied by a scam artist who profits from people’s fear of ghosts.

Park Jin-seok directs the show, which premiered in 2021. In this post, we will look at all of the known information on the release date of Sell Your Haunted House Season 2.

Sell Your Haunted House Season 2 Renewal Status

There has been no confirmation on whether or not Season 2 of Sell Your Haunted House will air. There have been whispers, though, that production on a new season has begun. Jang Na-ra and Jung Yong-Hwa, two of the show’s stars, have shown interest in returning for a second season, and the show had positive ratings in South Korea.

If you want to know if Sell Your Haunted House will return for a second season, you’ll have to wait. However, the speculations and the show’s high ratings suggest that there may be a second season.

Sell Your Haunted House Season 2 Release Date

The premiere of Season 2 of Sell Your Haunted House has not been announced. On the other hand, there are whispers that the new season won’t premiere until late 2023. The first season of the show took around a year to make, so this is reasonable.

No information about Season 2’s plot has been released by the show’s creators and cast. The upcoming season will most likely follow Hong Ji-ah and Oh In-beam as they continue to tackle paranormal mysteries together.

Sell Your Haunted House Season 2 Release Date

Sell Your Haunted House Season 2 Cast

Cast Characters
Jang Na-ra Hong Ji Ah
Yong-hwa Jung Oh In Beom
Mal-Geum Kang Joo Hwa Jung
Kang Hong-Seok Heo Ji Cheol
Baek Eun-Hye Hong Mi Jin
Ahn Kil-kang Do Hak Sung

Sell Your Haunted House Plotline

Two persons who rely on the paranormal for a living are the focus of the show. Ji Ah, the real estate agent who can communicate with the dead, and In Beom, the scam artist who preys on people’s irrational dread of the dead through staged exorcisms, both work for the same company. Ji Ah is the CEO of Daebak Realty and inherited her mother’s exorcism skills.

It is a go-to retailer for all things spooky. Ji Ah has a lot of talent, but she lacks charisma because of her short fuse. But In Beom, who presents himself as a “doctor of the paranormal,” is incredibly charming.

Sell Your Haunted House Season 2 Release Date

As the season progresses, we learn that In Beom is more than just a con artist. He has telepathic abilities, and he and Ji Ah have a history together. They form an unsteady alliance and start working together to solve crimes. The season is made much more intriguing by the fact that their cases delve into their common past.

How Many Episodes Will Be There In Sell Your Haunted House Season 2?

Season 2 of Sell Your Haunted House has not yet had its episode count revealed. It’s probable that there will be 16 episodes in the second season, as there were in the first. On the other hand, the second season’s episode count is open to change.

Sell Your Haunted House Season 2 Trailer

The trailer for season 2 of Sell Your Haunted House, which fans have been waiting for, has not yet been released. For fans of the hit Korean show, here is the official trailer for the first season. In the show, a real estate agent and a psychic medium work together to rid houses of hauntings and learn their secrets. To watch the season 1 trailer Click Here.

Where to Watch Sell Your Haunted House?

If you like Korean dramas, you should definitely check out the new series Sell Your Haunted House. This spooky show is available on KoreanOnDemand and Viki, among others. These websites make it simple for viewers to gain access to a wide selection of Korean dramas.

Sell Your Haunted House Rating & Reviews

The show has been praised for its originality and has gained a large fanbase in the fantasy horror comedy subgenre. It has received a 7.6/10 rating on IMDb and an outstanding 8.4/10 rating on MyDramaList.


While the precise release date of Sell Your Haunted House Season 2 is unknown, fans can be assured that the show will return for another suspenseful chapter. The series has received critical acclaim for its unusual blend of genres and engaging story line.

As the production team works hard to bring the next part to reality, fans can look forward to the continuation of Hong Ji-ah and Oh In-bum’s ghostly experiences. Until then, fans can immerse themselves in the first season’s secrets and engage in heated debates regarding the beloved K-drama series’ future.

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