Did You Know About the Top 10 Best Black Clover Characters of All Time?


Because of its growing popularity, Black Clover has become one of the most popular series to feature in Weekly Shonen Jump. As a novel set in a magical universe, it offers a slew of powerful characters, many of whom have acquired cult followings worldwide since their debuts.

With four seasons and an impending film to catch up on, viewers may be wondering who is truly at the front of the pack in the race to become the Wizard King. The following are the ten greatest Black Clover characters of all time.

10. Julius Novachrono

There has been much discussion of authority in this list up to this point, but when it comes to the top slot, nobody can compete with Julius Novachrono. With his time magic, Julius, the 28th Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom, rules over the passage of time. There is no one who can match his terrifying strength.

Top 10 Best Black Clover Characters of All Time

Julius is a young character, full of innocence and pure passion for all things magical, in addition to his infinite ability. He is a devoted family man who prioritizes his loved ones above all else, even at the expense of his work. You can’t help but cheer for Julius.

9. Luck Voltia

Black Clover’s Luck Voltia, the ever-cheeky source of comedy, is also the show’s resident combat fanatic. At first glance, Luck seems like a simple, upbeat figure, but as the events of Black Clover progress, it becomes clear that he is actually a sociopathic psychopath who takes pleasure in brutally assaulting his victims. In any anime, Luck is always one of the most fascinating and interesting agents of disaster.

Top 10 Best Black Clover Characters of All Time

8. Zenon Zogratis

The Spade Kingdom is ruled by three powerful wizards, one of whom is Zenon, who together form the Dark Triad. He possesses the ability to use both bone and space magic simultaneously. He has the ability to create deadly bone tangles with his bone magic, and he has complete control over the mana cubes he creates with his spatial magic.

Top 10 Best Black Clover Characters of All Time

Beezlebub, a powerful demon, inhabits Zenon, giving him access to a wide range of demonic abilities. With full access to his devil powers, he is also among the most powerful possessors alive. To overcome him, even Yuno had to call upon his Saint Spirit of Zephyr.

7. Fuegoleon Vermillion

Large numbers of enemies are no match for Fuegoleon’s strong fireballs and focused beams, which may melt their targets. When he came out of his coma, he was even stronger than before. In addition, Fuegoleon‘s abilities are practically limitless because to his alliance with the Fire Spirit Salamander.

Top 10 Best Black Clover Characters of All Time

Fueguleon is the first son of the noble House Vermillion. He is also a potential successor to the Wizard King throne. Like his sister, Fueguleon is an accomplished practitioner of fire magic. However, he is also renowned as the smartest Magic Knight and a superb tactician. In his struggle against Rades Spirito, Fueguleon demonstrates his battlefield intelligence by finding a weak spot in the enemy’s defenses and firing a fire blast through it.

6. The Witch Queen

The gorgeous Witch Queen is rumored to be one of the most powerful magicians in all of Black Clover, but nothing else is known about her. With her years of skill and Blood Magic, she can readily repair severed limbs and fatal injuries.

Top 10 Best Black Clover Characters of All Time

The Witch Queen also has the ability to reverse magical curses, like the one Vetto put on Asta’s arms. She can also use blood constructions she creates to harm, restrain, or influence her enemies. In other timelines, the Witch Queen forced even the resolute Asta to murder his friends.

5. Yuno Grinberryall

Even before he had his four-leaf grimoire, Yuno had mastered the art of wind magic and was able to conjure and direct gusts of wind at will. With his magic, he can conjure up whirlwinds that knock out his foes and carry him swiftly into the air.

The wind spirit Sylph, whom he can call upon for assistance in battle, is another of his abilities. Reaching full resonance with Sylph propels them into the Saint Stage, a formidable realm with which only a select few Magic Knights can compete.

Top 10 Best Black Clover Characters of All Time

Yuno is Asta’s archenemy and adversary, seeking the same power and prestige that would come with becoming the Wizard King of the Clover Kingdom. His abilities are apparent, as evidenced by his rapid rise to vice-captain on his Magic Knight squad. Many people think he’s stronger than Asta, but there’s no denying that he’s a greater mage. In the beginning of the manga and anime, Yuno exhibits unbelievable amounts of mana.

4. Finral Roulacase

Like Asta and Noelle, Finral is one of the first Black Bulls we encounter in Black Clover besides Yami, and she has blossomed tremendously since the first season.

Top 10 Best Black Clover Characters of All Time

Though he often avoids trouble by fleeing it, Finral is always there to aid his allies when they need him. He’s the guy everyone laughs at because he’s constantly sidetracked by the girls and has an exaggerated response to every situation. Black Clover would be far less enduring and thrilling to watch if he weren’t a part of it.

3. Asta

Asta’s sixth sense, Ki, allows her to identify and deal with otherwise unseen dangers and individuals. Asta may concentrate Anti Magic in his arm and then quickly release it with a downward slash by regulating his Ki.

Top 10 Best Black Clover Characters of All Time

Asta was stigmatized and avoided by most of society due to the fact that she lacked mana from birth. Despite his lack of mana, he trained constantly to increase his physical strength, and is now one of the show’s strongest characters. Asta has anti-magic and can use it to counteract spells. Asta is a rare Arcane Stage wizard not because he has mana, but because he has mastered his Anti Magic energy.

2. Yami Sukehiro

Yami is the Black Bulls’ leader, but he also acts as a mentor to others around him, making him something of a hidden hero in terms of helping his teammates realize their full potential. We still love him despite his short temper and abrasive manner. If you like powerful figures, Yami is hard to overcome because he is an Arcane Stage magician and only few can match his power.

Top 10 Best Black Clover Characters of All Time

Let’s get something straight: Yami Sukehiro is directly responsible for Asta’s current success. Despite being a sidekick, Yami is incredibly entertaining to watch, and his style of unconditional harsh love has inspired main characters like Asta to excel beyond anyone’s wildest dreams.

1. Licht

Licht is the leader of the Elf people and one of the Ten Apostles of Sephirah. He was the brother-in-law of the original Wizard King, Prince Lemiel Silvamillion Clover, and the husband of the royal human Tetia. After the Elf Tribe Massacre, Licht destroys the Clover Kingdom. After his tribe is slaughtered by the Clover Kingdom’s royalty, Licht goes insane, becomes a demon, and destroys the entire kingdom. In the end, the first Wizard King is his undoing.

Top 10 Best Black Clover Characters of All Time

However, millennia later, the Eye of the Midnight Sun was able to bring him back to life. Because to his elfin heritage, Licht possesses considerable magical ability. By channeling immense amounts of mana, Licht can give himself and others a boost. Licht’s abilities are so extensive and lethal that he can easily terrify anyone.


These are the most famous Black Clover Characters.  Black Clover is a well-loved anime that has won over viewers all around the world. The story takes place in a fantastical universe where magic is innate and where young adults receive their grimoires once they reach adulthood. Moreover, if you really liked this article, then you can also add our website to your bookmarks.

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