Let’s Explore the Net Worth of Umbrella Academy Actor Elliot Page!


In a long and successful acting career, Elliot Page has been in numerous films and television episodes, but he is most known for his parts in the films Juno, Inception, and Tallulah.

Fans of Elliot Page’s portrayal of Viktor Hargreeves are eager for the release of season 3 of Umbrella Academy on Netflix so that they can once again enjoy the show in its entirety.

It’s not surprising that Elliot’s devoted following is curious about his fortune and resume. Now, in this post, you’ll learn about all of Elliot Page’s achievements.

Elliot Page’s Early Life: Parents and Education:

On February 21, 1987, Ellen Grace Philpotts-Page entered the world in Halifax, Nova Scotia. His father was a graphic artist and his mother was an educator. He was given the female gender at birth and the name Ellen.

Elliot Page Net Worth

Page started his education at Halifax Grammer School, continued it at Queen Elizabeth High School, and finished it off at the Shambhala School. After that, he moved to Toronto and attended Vaughan Road Academy’s Interact Program for two years. He had been acting for most of that period, having landed his first role at age 10 in the television movie “Pit Pony.”

Elliot Page’s Career Journey:

When he was barely 10 years old, Elliot Page began his professional career. He portrayed Maggie the Magician in a TV movie titled Pit Pony. Because of the film’s tremendous box office success and positive critical reception, the producers decided to create a television series titled Pit Pony, in which Elliot would play the starring character of Maggie Magician.

From 1999 to 2000, viewers enjoyed this series. Later same year, in 2002, he made his film debut in Marion Bridge, a Canadian drama in which he portrayed the major part of Joanie. He was highly praised for his performance abilities.

Trailer Park Boys, a Canadian mockumentary sitcom, featured him in an episode in 2002. In 2004, he appeared as Lilith Sandstorm in eight episodes of the Canadian science fiction television series ReGenesis. He starred in the Canadian-American co-production Going for Broke, a drama film for television, in 2003.

He first gained widespread attention for his performance as Hayley Stark in the 2005 American physiological thriller film Hard Candy. This movie is essential in bringing him international acclaim.

Elliot Page Net Worth

Elliot Page’s Career as a Voice Actor

Elliot is not just a well-known actor, but also a popular voice actor. He is best known for his roles as Jodie Holmes in Beyond: Two Souls and Victoria Walker in Ark: The Animated Series, both of which were inspired by video games. In the episode “Tom Tucker: The Man and His Dream” from Family Guy, Elliot also provides the voice of Lindsey.

Awards and Accolades of Elliot Page

He has been in a lot of hit films and TV shows. A long list of honors and prizes, including the Teen Choice Awards, the Vancouver Film Critics Circle Award, the Toronto Film Critics Association Awards, the Satellite Awards, and many more, have been bestowed upon him.

What is the Net Worth of Elliot Page?

As of 2023, It’s reported that he’s worth roughly $10 million. In his native Canada, he has massive fame and fortune. His career has reached dizzying heights thanks to his efforts. Page has amassed a sizable fortune over the years thanks to his starring roles and endorsement partnerships. He has become financially successful thanks to his widespread praise and loyal fan base.

Real Estate

Page purchased a home in Nichols Canyon, Los Angeles, for $1.7 million in 2014. Page put the house up for sale in December 2018, and it sold a few months later for $2.1 million.

Elliot Page’s Collection of Cars

Not much is known about Elliot Page’s car collection. But he has a couple cars of his own and uses them to get around town. Among the several luxury vehicles in his garage are a Mercedes, Audi, Aston Martin, and a few others.

Personal Life

In December of 2020, Elliot Page publicly disclosed his transgender identity and stated that he/they are his preferred pronouns. The event marked a turning point in his life because it required him to abandon his previous persona and build a new one. Not everyone welcomed this information with open arms, though.

Since then, he has been frank about his past, present, and future, including his transition and coming out to the general public.

Final Words

Elliot Page is an extremely famous person who has accomplished a lot in his field. He’s gotten where he is in his career because to his exceptional acting abilities. He is extremely wealthy as a result of his career. As of the year 2023, he is valued approximately $10 million.

Elliot Page, however, came out as transgender in December of 2020 and has since said that he/they are his preferred pronouns. We hope the best for him and encourage you to bookmark this page or our entire website if you find it useful in the future.

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