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The American television series McGraw Avenue is an action drama which is created by Derek Scott. It premiered on Tubi TV on May 31, 2020, the first season consists of 6 episodes, each lasting 60 minutes.

The series follows two friends named Murda and Vic as they struggle to make it in the criminal underworld and assert their supremacy in the city of Detroit, Michigan, where law enforcement agencies are increasingly involved in violence and corruption on the city’s streets.

She was constantly looking for new ways to get rid of it. The show quickly became a sensation, captivating viewers with its heart-pounding action sequences and compelling storylines.

The show is thrilling and never boring as its makers are all set to enthrall the viewers by portraying the gritty reality of life on the streets of Detroit on television. Viewers who like to see crime dramas based on realism will have a better time with this show.

The primary function of law enforcement is to apprehend perpetrators of crimes such as murder and drug trafficking.

The audience has given some appreciation to the show and they want to see the return of the creators. We get that 6 episodes aren’t enough to finish the show, and we sympathize with fans’ concerns but are the makers ready to bring the show back for a second season?

When Will McGraw Ave Season 3 Come Out?

We will now discuss the release date for McGraw Ave Season 3. As of now, a confirmed release date has not been booked by the team. However, we anticipate it to drop by the end of 2023.

McGraw Ave Season 3

Moreover, McGraw Ave Season 3 may also move till 2024. But before knowing the exact release date of Season 3, we will have to wait for the official announcement of the series. If any update comes about this upcoming season then we will update on our site.

Where to Watch McGraw Ave Season 3?

You can watch this series on Tubi TV and Prime Video if you really want to. All previously released episodes are available for viewing at any time here. If you have missed any of the earlier episodes, you can watch them online now. Apart from this, other additional series are also available on it. 

Who Is The Cast Of The Mcgraw Ave Series?

McGraw Ave Season 3

  • Nia Miranda
  • Danielle
  • Thomas L. Harris
  • Chamar Avery
  • Sino Harris
  • Sylena Rai
  • Nino Splashaholic
  • Murda Pain
  • Jonathan Crawford
  • Lance Whittington
  • Forty Da Great
  • Shorty Rich
  • Martell Lane
  • Stewe
  • Tristin Fazekas
  • Justin Vesper
  • DeJuan Ford
  • Kyle Greenlawn

What Happened In The Mcgraw Ave Series?

In the gripping crime drama series “McGraw Ave,” the fictional neighborhood becomes the backdrop for thrilling investigations that test the limits of justice and loyalty.

Detective Sarah Patterson, a seasoned investigator with a troubled past, takes center stage as the relentless and determined protagonist. Despite her personal demons, Sarah is committed to upholding the law and protecting the residents of McGraw Ave.

With her sharp intuition and unwavering resolve, she becomes a beacon of justice in a neighborhood plagued by crime.

Each episode unravels a new case, drawing viewers deeper into the gritty underbelly of McGraw Ave. From high-stakes drug trafficking to cold-blooded murders, the crimes that permeate the streets expose the darker side of human nature.

With her trusted partner Detective Jameson, Sarah navigates through a labyrinth of suspects, witnesses, and unexpected alliances to bring criminals to justice.

McGraw Ave Season 3

As the series progresses, it becomes evident that McGraw Ave holds secrets of its own. A powerful crime syndicate lurks in the shadows, manipulating events and ensuring justice is scarce. Sarah’s pursuit of truth uncovers a network of corruption that reaches into the highest echelons of power, putting her own life at risk.

Amid the turmoil, the residents of McGraw Ave find themselves entangled in the crimes that plague their community. Some become unwitting witnesses, while others are revealed to have dark pasts of their own.

The series delves into their complexities, exploring the blurred lines between right and wrong, as well as the consequences of choices made in desperate circumstances.

Through captivating storytelling and intense character development, “McGraw Ave” explores themes of redemption, sacrifice, and the resilience of the human spirit. Sarah’s personal journey intertwines with the cases she investigates, forcing her to confront her own demons and make difficult choices in pursuing justice.

As the series finale approaches, the stakes reach their peak. Sarah finds herself at odds with her superiors, who are revealed to be part of the intricate web of corruption she has been battling.

With her reputation tarnished and her life in danger, she must rely on the trust and loyalty she has built with the residents of McGraw Ave to expose the truth and dismantle the criminal empire.

McGraw Ave Season 3

In a gripping climax, the final episodes of “McGraw Ave” unveil the mastermind behind the neighborhood’s dark secrets. Sarah’s determination and the support of her allies lead to a climactic showdown, where justice and truth prevail against all odds.

The series ends on a bittersweet note, with the residents of McGraw Ave rebuilding their lives and finding solace in the newfound safety and unity that comes from exposing the truth.


The first season of “McGraw Ave” concluded with a thrilling finale that left audiences breathless and hungry for more. The show’s popularity soared, drawing in a devoted fan base eagerly anticipating the next chapter in the characters’ gripping journeys.

With its captivating storytelling, thrilling action sequences, and memorable characters, “McGraw Ave” became a standout series in the action drama genre. Derek Scott’s creative vision and the talented cast brought the neighborhood to life, creating a world where justice was fought for and heroes emerged from the shadows.

As viewers eagerly awaited the Third season, “McGraw Ave” became a must-watch series, delivering an unforgettable blend of adrenaline-pumping action, gripping drama, and thought-provoking themes.

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