Main Thing in Destiny 2 that Will Come in Handy for Beginners


Destiny 2 is one of the most famous and in many ways the only MMO that combines interesting gameplay and shooter mechanics with dense HP bars that correctly calculate damage, and not just counting hits to any part of the body.

The main setting of the project from the Bungie company is a fantasy in the distant future, where humanity has received a threat of destruction and representatives of three different factions accept the challenge and fight against alien invaders and simultaneously explore space and their habitat, with all the raids and caves.

Each update brings something new to Destiny 2, and after the release of Lightfall, all players will have the opportunity to go to Neptune and explore it by joining the space explorers.

Destiny 2 Basics


To start the game, you need to choose your class and go through a short tutorial that will introduce you to the basic game mechanics, movement techniques, the basics of shooting, the ability to use cover and activate your character’s abilities directly in a combat situation.

There are only three classes in Destiny 2, and they have completely different roles that complement each other perfectly.

  • Titan is a class of tank that perfectly takes root in the fantasy shooter network due to the combination of heavy armor, the ability to use small arms, shield and squad defense skills and steel fists, which will be a thunderstorm for everyone who dares to approach the titan in close combat
  • Warlock is a mixture of a mage and a shooter in the fantasy world, where you can deal strong AoE damage to the enemy and at the same time apply special wells to strengthen allies and restore their health level.
  • The Hunter is a ranged weapon master and dagger proficient with the ability to use grenades and various camouflage techniques.


Each character can learn one of the four subclasses to enhance one of the attacking directions and add power to your hero.

In total, you can choose one of them:

  • Void
  • Lightning
  • Sun
  • Stand

Each class has its own most optimal subclass, which is time-tested and chosen by the majority of players who are not looking for experiments.

Titan and Lightning – Since Titan is a defensive class with the ability to deal damage, lightning will allow you to deal magical damage to all enemies that come close to knock down the defensive shield.

Warlock and void – if you choose the magical path of dealing damage for Warlock, then the power of the void will help to greatly enhance all attacking skills and deal more powerful damage to enemies.

Hunter and Sun – as a representative of a class that attacks enemies from a distance, investing power in a single shot that breaks through armor and greatly increases the hunter’s potential during raids and for PvP if adequate protection is provided by allies.

There is also a fourth subclass that has become available to players since the release of Lightfall for Destiny 2.

The name of the subclass is Stand – it allows the titan to strengthen his fists with sharp knives that inflict bleeding on all targets that will take damage from his attacks.

The warlock will get a shrapnel effect – it’s a similar AoE buff to the void, but the difference is the extra damage spread effect, which will hit more targets.

The hunter will be able to combine attacks with small arms and a knife to constantly change attacks at close and long distances while maintaining stable damage.

Raids and help in them

In Destiny 2, raids play an important role in the gameplay of the entire game and as a source of obtaining the best equipment and weapons that can be obtained.

You can complete raids on your own, forming a battle group, or join a ready-made squad, or order destiny 2 sherpa from the professional Skycoach service.

Professional players will assist in completing key raids in order to receive the Sherpa patch, and the gamer will receive a significant boost, the transfer of all drops and experience by the group to your character and ensuring guaranteed completion of raids of any complexity.

Raids are divided according to the level of difficulty and during the passage of the normal version, which is essentially an introductory and starting point for more difficult stages, which bring the best reward available in Destiny 2.

After completing the normal version, you will unlock the heroic version, which will have higher requirements for entering the dungeon, more people, but also a more difficult version of the boss, which will receive enhanced attacks, faster reloading of skills and fewer weaknesses compared to the normal version.

The heroic is followed by the mythical – the most difficult raid format, which mobilizes up to 18 people and will require great care, because in raids of such complexity, any mistake by one of the groups can be fatal for all participants in the battle in the dungeon.

The best weapons for the current upgrade of the legendary level are obtained here, and often such weapons cannot be obtained in any other way, except perhaps through a PVP event.


The goal of most games, and Destiny 2 is no exception, is to level up a character and strengthen him by all available means to identify the strongest hero and participate in PVP between gamers.

Destiny 2 has a Trial of Osiris mode

You form a squad of three characters to participate in short battles consisting of rounds, and for victories in a row, you can choose a seasonal reward if you accumulate enough matches.

Each period of PvP mode allows players to get hold of seasonal weapons of legendary quality for the current period.

In addition to legendary items, other useful items are waiting for you, which are selected depending on the period and the number of matches that you manage to win without losing in a row.

Considering that you will play three of us in one group, you will need to carefully consider the game composition and not everything is so simple and obvious here.

It is not necessary to take every representative of the three classes into the group. You can take for example two tanks and a warlock and get two shields that block two directions of attacks and the potential for dealing strong AoE damage and healing all participants.

It is not recommended to play without tanks at all – you must have a really strong advantage over the enemy in order to withstand and break through the enemy squad, which will constantly inflict damage on you from behind the back of the tank.

Remember to use cover and grenades to change the situation on the battlefield – sometimes the correct use of equipment can decide the outcome of the battle.

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