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Is Tayshia Adams Dating Anyone In 2023?

Is Tayshia Adams Dating

Tayshia Adams’s full name is Tayshia Rosario Adams. She is an American television personality. She was born on September 4, 1990, and her birthplace is Newport, Beach, California, United States.

She received national recognition after appearing as a contestant on season 23 of the bachelor and the 6th season of Bachelor in Paradise. “The Bachelorette,” and a few contestants of TV series have captured viewers’ hearts like Tayshia Adams.

Known for her infectious smile, genuine personality, and unwavering pursuit of love, Tayshia Adams has become a fan favorite since her appearance on “The Bachelor” and her subsequent role as the Bachelorette.

In recent times, the news of Tayshia Adams dating has sparked excitement and curiosity among fans. Let’s explore her romantic journey and the happiness she has found.

The television personality was seen with a ring on her left hand in newly-published photos with Luke Gulbranson at Tiffany & Co. in New York City.

Dating rumors have been around for a while between the former Bachelorette star and the Summer House cast member after they were spotted in a group photo with some of Luke’s co-stars.

Tayshia Adams Tries on an “Engagement Ring” With Luke Gulbranson

All eyes are on Tayshia and Luke after the couple was spotted at Tiffany & Co. in New York City, which reopened in April after a renovation.

As reported by PageSix, eyewitnesses spotted Tayshia trying on the “huge sparkler” on her left hand at the luxury store.

The photo, obtained by the outlet, shows the former Bachelor star with a staff member and several rings as her rumored boyfriend Luke looks at the ring on her “engagement” hand.

A source told the publication that the pair were also spotted being “very affectionate and kissing” while they were in the store, although it is unknown whether they bought any rings.

The Couple Sparked Dating Rumors After Group Photos

Tayshia and Luke haven’t addressed the relationship rumors at this time, but speculation ramped up after they were seen getting cozy in a group photo with other Summer House stars.

In a since-deleted Instagram post uploaded by Luke’s co-star, Lindsay Hubbard, Luke, and Tayshia were seen holding hands in an adorable embrace.

Lindsay quickly deleted the picture and re-uploaded the image after fans cropped up with Luke and Tayshia dating speculation about the pair.

Group image also featuring Chris Leoni, Andrea Denver, and Carl Radke, gathered to celebrate Easter in April. 

Tayshia Adams Hasn’t Dated Anyone Seriously Since Zac’s Breakup

If Tayshia and Luke are thinking about getting engaged, this is a major development in Tayshia’s dating life. The former Bachelorette broke off her last engagement in late 2021, and as recently as December 2022, she said she is single.

Tayshia claimed that she was “enjoying her life” as a single woman, and even joked about all the men she had been romantically involved with. 

Assuming that Tayshia and Luke were seeing engagement rings, this would mean that Tayshia is either lying about her love life or that she and Luke are moving fast in their relationship.

However, Tayshia has been divorced once and ended her last engagement, which may mean she’s developed a better idea of ​​what she wants and needs in a relationship.

Especially if she had actually been single for a year and working on herself, Tayshia would have gained even deeper insight. With clarity like that, it’s easy to see how she might not feel the need to move slowly with Luke.

Tayshia and Luke’s recent spotting seems like clear proof that the couple is dating seriously. However, they have still not confirmed their relationship. It’s possible that the first time fans officially learn about their relationship is when they announce their engagement.

Even with the secrecy, Tayshia, the former head of The Bachelorette, definitely deserves a happy ending for everything she’s been through.


Tayshia Adams, known for her radiant smile and infectious personality, continues to inspire fans with her unwavering pursuit of love. Her journey on “The Bachelor” and as the Bachelorette captured the hearts of millions, and her recent dating news has only intensified the excitement.

Tayshia’s willingness to embrace new opportunities for love serves as a powerful reminder that happiness can be found when we remain open, authentic, and true to ourselves.

As we eagerly await more updates on Tayshia Adams’ dating life, one thing is certain: she continues to inspire and uplift others on their own quest for love.

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