Shadow and Bone Season 2 Ending Explained: In season 2 of Shadow and Bone, is Mal the Firebird?


The second season of Shadow and Bone has finally arrived on Netflix, after an almost two-year wait. Fans of the smash hit Netflix original series have been wondering what will happen next since the devastating season finale in April 2021.

The second season of Shadow and Bone will be one of Netflix’s most popular shows of the year because of the dedication of the show’s many followers. It’s guaranteed to be one of the top Netflix series of 2023 and one of the most anticipated new releases of the year.

All sorts of fascinating things happen to Alina as the season progresses, as she looks for the amplifiers and tries to defeat The Darkling and the Shadow Fold. Let’s dive into what happens to our favorite characters at the end of season 2 and find out what happens to Alina, Mal, the Crows, and everyone else.

Shadow and Bone Season 2 Ending Explained

There is a lot of violence, some answers, and even more questions in the season 2 finale of Shadow and Bone. Even though the second season focuses on the major events of the second and third novels in the Shadow and Bone series, the conclusion of the series sets the stage for a brand new and potentially epic adventure for Alina and the Crows in the third book.

Following the incredible and jaw-dropping discovery of the Firebird’s identity in the season 2 finale of Shadow and Bone, we’ll discuss four of the most pressing questions fans may have.

In season 2 of Shadow and Bone, is Mal the Firebird?

Early in Season 2, Alina locates the sea whip and sets out to find the Firebird, Morozova’s third amplifier. Mal plans to take the lead in the search for the Firebird as her trusty tracker, but Baghra has some shocking news to share before they can begin their quest.

Shadow and Bone season 2 ending explained

While talking to Alina and Mal, she reveals that her father is Morozova, that she killed her sister, and that Morozova used Merzost to resurrect her. The group eventually learns that Mal is descended from Baghra’s sister and hence possesses the same third amplifier abilities. Mal is not only related to The Darkling, but he also served as the Firebird, Morozova’s third amplifier.

Because of his status as the Firebird, he had an uncanny knack for tracking down Alina. While this does not make him a Grisha, it does make him a more important piece of this puzzle and the key to taking down the Fold that he had never been aware of before.

Has Alina Become a Shadow Summoner in Shadow and Bone Season 2?

According to the prophecy, Alina will take control of the third amplifier after killing Mal, who represents the Firebird. Alina had trouble accepting the stag’s and sea whip’s deaths, but the thought of killing her true love to save her sister Ravka was unbearable.

After informing the rest of the group about the Firebird’s discovery, a new strategy emerges: Tamar, a heartrending, will stop Mal’s heart for two minutes, giving Alina enough time to bring down the Fold. Before Tamar stops Mal’s heart, David will fuse a piece of Mal’s bone with Alina’s to speed up the process and bestow the Firebird’s power upon Alina. But as the adage goes, the best-laid intentions…

Before they can put their backup plan into action, the Darkling extends the Fold and his Grisha ambush. Mal touches Alina’s wrist when she’s in the Fold, allowing Alina to tap into the Firebird’s power; nevertheless, The Darkling’s interference compels Alina to use the Cut, which in turn injures Mal. Alina plunges a knife into his heart to put an end to his pain. When he passes away, Alina draws on his dying strength to shatter the Fold.

It breaks Nina’s heart that she tries to help Alina save Mal, but she is unable to bring him back to life. It would appear that Alina uses most to resurrect Mal after killing The Darkling and returning to his side to assist Nina in giving him a “reminder” to return. Mal’s veins glow black as she comes back to life. As Alina battles the drugged Grisha in the series finale, she seems to cast a shadow rather than a light. This suggests that the trade-off for her most was becoming a Shadow Summoner.

Do Alina and Mal Break Up in Shadow and Bone Season 2?

Returning from the dead is a jarring experience, and Mal is no exception. In addition, he is struggling to accept that his unique identity and sense of purpose no longer define him. Now that he’s completed his mission in life, what are his next steps? What now, that he had become the Firebird? Mal is just too humble to enjoy the spotlight.


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Mal is looking for something to do now that he is no longer Alina’s guard leader as she begins a new chapter in her service to Ravka. Even though she proposes he become a privateer and they would be separated as a result, Mal promises that if they end up back together in the future, they will know their love was genuine and not predestined.

The relationship between Alina and Mal has ended, and Mal has moved on, but not before giving Alina one last, devastating smile. To help find Inej’s family after receiving a tip from Kaz, Nikolai gives Mal his compass and names him the new Sturmhond. Mal is joined on the Volkvolny/Hummingbird by Tamar, Tolya, and Inej. They were last seen in the water, following a slaver ship.

What Happened to Nikolai at the End of Shadow and Bone Season 2?

It would appear that Alina isn’t the only one harboring a sinister secret. The king-to-shoulder is hurt after a visit from The Apparat right before his coronation ceremony. The priest teased him about how he wouldn’t be king without Alina. It’s in the same spot as the nichevo’ya wound he sustained from The Darkling’s Grisha.

When Nikolai turns around after taking off his coat and shirt to examine his shoulder, we can see the shadows cast across his face and torso by the sight of the healed wounds. Nikolai gets quite a surprise when he looks in the mirror and sees a nichevo’ya instead of himself. Does this suggest that The Darkling’s creatures have infected the King of Ravka, giving him access to the black magic of his own?

The Crows Are Fighting a War Against a Narcotic Called Jurda Parem

Kaz gathers his Crows together (Jesper, Nina, and Wylan) at the same time as Nikolai and Alina’s coronation to give them an update on a new opportunity he calls “the most profitable job we’ve ever accepted.” An addictive narcotic called jurda parem that boosts Grisha’s abilities by more than a factor of a thousand is the new danger he warns them about.

Kaz explains that the chemist who synthesized jurda parem ran away from Kerch after realizing the drug’s potential, but Fjerdans eventually tracked him down and captured him. The Crows have been tasked with preventing the further spread of jurda parem after concerns were raised that Fjerda would weaponize it.

During Nikolai and Alina’s coronation, a Fjerdan woman takes jurda parem and inflicts misery on all of the guests, causing them to spasm and cough up blood. This suggests that the Fjerdans are already one step ahead of them. Then, despite the anguish, Alina attempts to use the Cut on the woman, but her spells have the opposite effect.


Season 2 of Shadow and Bone sees Alina become a Shadow Summoner and sacrifice Mal, who is revealed to be the Firebird, to destroy the Fold. Mal is resurrected but struggles with his new identity. Nikolai is hurt after being teased about his dependence on Alina. The Crows fight against a narcotic called jurda parem that boosts Grisha’s abilities. During Nikolai and Alina’s coronation, a Fjerdan woman takes the drug and Alina’s spells have the opposite effect.

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