Why Isn’t Samuel in Season 6 of Elite?


Season 6 of Elite is now streaming on Netflix. An engaging tale full of drama, twists, and mysteries keeps viewers engaged throughout the season, as was to be expected. However, a number of the original cast members were conspicuously absent. Among them was Itzan Escamilla, who portrayed the role of Samuel on the teen show.

Nevertheless, Escamilla wasn’t the only performer to skip out on returning for Elite season 6. The absence of Omar Ayuso (Omar), Claudia Salas (Rebeka), and Georgina Amorós (Cayetana) in the sixth season was also notable.

Seeing as how Amorós’s character is fired from Las Encinas after being caught sneaking into Benjamn’s office in season 5, it is easy to see why she did not return for season 6. That came as a bit of a surprise, though, when Salas and Ayuso left. Their exit is likely linked to Escamilla’s.

And if Samuel is so important, then why isn’t he in the sixth season of Elite? Read on to find out.

Why Isn’t Samuel in Elite Season 6?

To begin, let’s go back to the season 5 finale and review what happens to Samuel. You may recall that Samuel suffers serious injuries in a fight with Benjamin near the pool, leaving his future uncertain.

He smashes his head on the concrete floor and then falls into the pool. Benjamín and Patrick ultimately get him out of the pool, and he regains consciousness for a moment to inform Rebeka and Omar that Benjamín is guilty, but then he closes his eyes.

An ambulance arrives, but we don’t see Samuel being carried away in a coffin. Not even a funeral is shown to us. So, it was uncertain whether or not Samuel was still alive. That is until the plot summary for Season 6 of Elite was posted on Netflix.

Why Isn't Samuel in Season 6 of Elite

The fate of Samuel was revealed in the official season six synopsis posted by Netflix back in September. As a result, it was very clear that Samuel had died from his wounds and wouldn’t be returning for Season 2.

The plot summary states, “Following Samuel’s death, Las Encinas begins a new school year seeking to have a facelift by covering up calamities in the past. Nevertheless, racism, sexism, domestic abuse, and homophobia will all be hot topics in the halls of the illustrious university this year due to the systemic nature of the conflict in its classrooms. Students will have to take the initiative to solve these problems if system administrators do nothing.

To what end, then, did Rebeka and Omar miss Season 6? After seeing Samuel die, they were likely to cut all ties with Las Encinas and the pupils there. Our best guess is that. But, the true explanation is a mystery.

Season 6 of Elite is now available to watch on Netflix, so make sure you tune in!


Elite season 6 is on Netflix, but some original cast members including Itzan Escamilla and others were absent. Samuel died and Las Encinas faces new challenges like racism and homophobia. Rebeka and Omar’s absence is unexplained, but they may have cut ties with the school.

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