Where to Watch Wolf Pack Series Online for Free And Is This Available on Netflix?


Wolf Pack’s pilot episode has just been made available online for streaming; however, it should not be mistaken for the Teen Wolf film, which is also being released today. Will I be able to watch it on Netflix?

The Teen Wolf movie is now available online. Indeed, the werewolf theme is heavily emphasized throughout Wolf Pack. Yet, the two are not interchangeable terms. Not only are they completely unrelated, but their timing couldn’t be better.

Based on the novel of the same name by Edo van Belkom, Sarah Michelle Gellar makes her return to the realm of the supernatural in this new series. Teens who get bitten by a werewolf and realize they need each other to survive are the focus of this series.

They form their pack and begin training as werewolves. While Gellar’s character initially sets out to investigate the causes of the recent wildfires in California, she soon discovers that the true threat lies in something far more sinister. Time the vampire hunter takes to become educated about werewolves.

What is Wolf Pack About?

In this story, two teenagers are stuck in a California wildfire, which sparks the appearance of a horrific otherworldly entity. The adolescent boy and girl begin to form a closer friendship once they discover they are werewolves after being injured by this beast. To better understand their new skills, they seek advice from two persons who survived a similar inferno sixteen years prior.

Where to watch Wolf Pack

 Inquiring minds need to know how these two youngsters deal with the werewolf tendencies that run so strongly in both of them. You’ll have to tune in yourself to find out, so take a look at the several viewing options below.

Streaming Sites That Carry Wolf Pack

Is Netflix considering adding Wolf Pack? Unfortunately, there is some bad news. The series, like the film, will air on Paramount+. Indeed, you can see the pilot episode on that service right this second. As is customary for this streaming service, new episodes will become available each week. The ratings for Evil, SEAL Team, and Criminal Minds: Evolution are all evidence of this.

A pick-up by Netflix is quite doubtful. While it’s not impossible, Paramount+ has yet to follow in the footsteps of HBO Max and STARZ. There has been no alteration to the original content, and I see no reason for it to occur. We can’t do that with a series that has this much hype!

Check out the teaser:

How to Stream Wolf Pack For Free?

Anyone interested in subscribing to Paramount+ can benefit from a free trial that lasts for a full week. Take advantage of this deal to watch “Wolf Pack” without spending a dime. Nonetheless, we insist that our readers never resort to immoral means to obtain the news they desire.


Wolf Pack” is a new series on Paramount+ based on the novel by Edo van Belkom and stars Sarah Michelle Gellar. It follows two teenagers who become werewolves after being bitten and form their pack, training to control their powers. Gellar’s character investigates recent wildfires and uncovers a sinister threat. The show airs on Paramount+ with new episodes released weekly. While not available on Netflix, viewers can access the series with a free week-long trial of Paramount+.

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