How “The Last of Us” Voice Actors Made Clicker Noises? See Footage!


According to the hit HBO series The Last of Us, a new and exciting career opportunity has presented itself: the creation of horrifying clicking sounds. But if you make that noise in front of me again, I swear I will scream. In fact, after seeing a behind-the-scenes video that reveals the voice actors who make the clicker sounds in The Last of Us at work, I haven’t been able to leave my bed, and I slept with all the lights on the night before.

For the longest time, I didn’t believe that such a voice could come from a human being. The video makes it appear as though the actors had to contract the cordyceps mushroom fungus to generate the throat noises. However, I now know that you don’t need a massive mushroom head to accomplish this. The time has come when you, too, must be aware of it.

Polygon claims that the video’s two voice actors, Misty Lee, and Phillip Kovats, have appeared in both the games and the HBO series. Initially, “We’re looking for certain sounds,” Lee recalled when he entered the booth to begin recording his voice for The Last of Us video game.

“We’ve been working on a video game, and these are some of the animals you’ll encounter. How they sound is a mystery to us. We did some testing, and I started helping them out. They said, “Wait a minute” when they heard us noticing the clicking sound. Cancel that. Could you possibly alter that? Have you tried doing it repeatedly? The noise was just located.”

This resulted in the creation of clickers and the beginning of my never-ending nightmares. I’ll be beneath the bed if you need me.

The Sound of the Clicker Is Used For Echolocation

Clickers have been blinded by the spreading of Cordyceps fungus for more than a year. When this happens, the host’s head is covered in hardened fungal plates, giving Clickers their distinctive appearance.

Because of their inability to see, the Clickers have developed a primitive type of echolocation based on the distinctive clicking sound they make. Clickers rely on clicking to go around, although they can still use their hearing to discover food.

In the second episode of The Last of Us, the Clickers are shown in a small museum, however, they can move across the floor without a hitch as they look for Joel, Ellie, and Tess. Because of their specialized echolocation, this occurs. The Clickers are aware of their surroundings because the sound waves they emit travel through the air and then reflect on them.


Misty Lee and Phillip Kovats, the voice actors for the Clickers in The Last of Us games and HBO series, reveal that they contracted cordyceps mushroom fungus to generate the distinctive throat noises of the infected creatures. The Clickers are blind due to the fungus and use a primitive form of echolocation based on their clicking sounds to navigate and locate prey, as demonstrated in the second episode of the series. The sound waves they emit reflect on them, allowing them to be aware of their surroundings.

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