You Season 4 Recap Guide: All 10 Episodes Explained


You, Netflix’s smash blockbuster thriller series, has returned, and not only do we get to meet a brand-new cast of individuals, but the setting has also changed! In the third season finale, Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) murdered his wife Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti), and then he faked his death. As the season finale drew to a close, we watched Joe board a plane for Paris, France in search of his new love interest, Marienne (Tati Gabrielle).

You Season 4 Episode 1 Recap: “Joe Takes a Holiday”

This passage is a recap of the first episode of the fourth season of the TV series “You.” The main character, Joe Goldberg, has faked his death and is living in London under a new identity as a professor. He meets a student named Nadia, who gives him a book by an author named Rhys Montrose.

Joe starts watching his neighbors, Malcolm and his girlfriend Kate and learns more about their wealthy friend group. Joe meets Rhys in person and drinks absinthe with Phoebe, a member of Malcolm’s friend group, which makes him severely intoxicated. The episode ends with a flashback to when Joe first arrived in London and saw Marianne at an art fair, who then ran away from him.

You Season 4 Episode 2 Recap: “Portrait of the Artist”

In the second episode of the show, Joe believes that one of the friend groups is behind the anonymous texts and the murder of Malcolm. He follows different members of the friend group and learns more about their secrets.

You Season 4 Recap Guide All 10 Episodes Explained

Joe believes that Adam killed Malcolm to stop him from exposing his pee fetish and is the anonymous texter. However, after a conversation with Rhys, Joe begins to believe that Roald might be the killer. Later, Joe and Kate find out that Simon was being blackmailed by Malcolm, and Simon killed him for it.

The anonymous texter lets Joe know that something bad happened to Simon, and Joe finds Simon’s dead body in his office. Joe speaks to Nadia about her relationship with Malcolm and then goes home, where he finds a package from the anonymous texter.

You Season 4 Episode 3 Recap: “Eat the Rich”

In the third episode, Joe becomes increasingly paranoid after the murder of Malcolm, who was believed to have been killed by the same person who murdered Simon. Joe realizes that his stalker/anonymous texter kept Malcolm’s finger so that he could force him to continue playing his sick game, and he decides to start playing along.

He follows Kate to ensure she doesn’t become the next victim and ends up having sex with her. Vic becomes suspicious of Joe and watches him and Kate from afar. Joe finds a love letter from Nadia to Malcolm and is caught by Kate, who kicks him out of her flat. Joe is then framed for Vic’s murder and buried him withinon’s casket. Joe decides to pretend to be his stalker’s friend to eventually meet him in person. In the end, the police approach Joe at Sundry House, but it’s unclear why.

You Season 4 Episode 4 Recap: “Hampsie”

In episode 4 of the TV show, “The A-List,” Joe is relieved when the detectives show up at Sundry House to follow up on the lead he gave them. They inform him that his tip helped them to solve Simon’s murder, and he’s off the hook again. Joe goes to Phoebe’s country house, Hampsie, where he discovers that the killer could be any of the friend group members. Kate and Joe have adjoining rooms, and he finds out that Roald is in love with her, which makes him a potential suspect.

Joe sneaks into Roald’s room and finds some disturbing pictures of Kate. Roald takes Joe hunting and expresses jealousy over Kate. Later, Joe and Kate finally give in to their attraction and have sex. At dinner, Gemma complains about Rhys skipping the trip, and Roald challenges Kate by asking her if Jonathan knows her secret. But before he can reveal it, Phoebe is brought out by the staff pretending to be dead.

You Season 4 Episode 5 Recap: “The Fox and the Hound”

In episode 5 of the TV show “Stay Close,” Kate and Joe agree to cover up Gemma’s death and hide her body. They get into a heated argument in the process, and Kate accuses Joe of being the Eat the Rich killer. Joe reveals that someone is framing him for the murders and tells Kate about his past.

You Season 4 Recap Guide All 10 Episodes Explained

Meanwhile, Phoebe breaks up with Adam after he admits he wants someone else to be below him during sex. Adam is angry at Joe for spilling his secret and tells Roald that Joe is having sex with Kate. Roald, who believes Joe is the killer, holds Joe at gunpoint, but no one believes him at first.

Joe runs off into the woods, where he attacks Roald and is knocked out by Rhys, who is revealed to be the Eat the Rich killer. Rhys explains that he has been inspired by Joe’s ability to evade punishment for his crimes and wants to pin all the murders on Roald, but tasks Joe with killing Roald first. Joe has to break out of the chains before he can do anything else.

You Season 4 Episode 6 Recap: “Best of Friends”

In the sixth episode, titled “Man and Wife,” Joe and Love organize a dinner to meet their neighbors, Gabe and Amy. During the dinner, they discuss their lives, relationships, and careers. Later that night, Love and Joe have sex, but Joe can’t stop thinking about his ex-girlfriend, Candace.

Meanwhile, Forty becomes increasingly suspicious of Henderson’s death and begins to investigate it himself. He discovers that Henderson was a serial rapist and confronts his sister, Delilah, about her relationship with him. Love becomes upset when Joe tells her about his past with Candace, and they argue. Joe goes to the storage unit where he’s been keeping Henderson’s body and finds that it’s missing. He begins to panic and suspects that someone knows his secret. The episode ends with the reveal that Candace is alive and has been watching Joe this whole time.

You Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: “Good Manthe Cruel World”

The seventh episode of a TV series starts with Joe and Kate’s first date, but Joe can’t stop thinking about Tom Lockwood’s arrival. In a flashback, Joe and Rhys discuss killing Tom to take him down, and Joe decides to get close to Tom to find incriminating information on Rhys.

You Season 4 Recap Guide All 10 Episodes Explained

At dinner with Tom, he reveals he knows Joe’s past and asks him about his ex-wife and if he has killed anyone before. Tom offers to help Joe take down Rhys about bringing incriminating information on him. Meanwhile, Nadia has suspicions about Joe and tries to get close to him, while Joe sets up cameras in his apartment to get a taped confession from Rhys.

Rhys shows Joe Marienne’s passport and threatens to kill her if he doesn’t killMariannee decides to kill Tom to save Marienne and goes to Rhys’s ex-wife’s house to torture him for information. Joe kill but a Rhys clone tells him he really killed him and Marienne is locked up in a cage. Nadia finds Marienne locked up in an abandoned building’s basement.

You Season 4 Episode 8 Recap: “Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?”

In eighth episode of the TV show “You” on Netflix. The episode begins with a flashback of Marienne’s departure from Paris to London for an art fair. Joe drugs Marienne and keeps her strapped to a chair in an apartment. He eventually puts her in a cage in an abandoned building.

Nadia finds Marianne in the cage in the present time, while Joe is searching for her. Joe is shown as mentally unstable, imagining conversations with Rhys’s clone and texts from Rhys. Rhys’s clone reveals to Joe that he was imagining him all along and that Joe himself is the one who kidnapped Marienne. Joe spends the rest of the episode trying to find Marianne, while Nadia plans to rescue her. The episode ends with Joe discovering the abandoned building and turning the doorknob.

You Season 4 Episode 9 Recap: “She’s Not There”

In 9th episode, Joe finally finds Marienne and apologizes for what he has done to her. He wants to get her out of there, but he has to attend Phoebe and Adam’s wedding first. Marianne tells Nadia they cannot call the cops because as long as Joe is alive, he will come after her.

Marianne decides to kill Joe with Nadia’s help, who provides her with a knife and ketamine to knock Joe out. At the wedding, Kate overhears Adam bragging about how he will expand Sundry House with Phoebe’s money. Kate tries to convince Phoebe not to marry Adam, but Phoebe gets offended and tells Kate to leave.

Joe and Kate get kicked out of the party, and Joe gets sentimental with Kate, knowing it will probably be the last time they talk. Phoebe and Adam get married, but Phoebe has a psychotic break and is admitted to a facility. Marienne asks Joe to check her phone, and he finds out that her family and friends assume she relapsed and don’t want her to come back, devastating Marienne. Joe takes Phoebe’s tranquilizers and has vivid dreams of people and things that have haunted him, including Beck and Love Quinn.

You Season 4 Episode 10 Recap: “The Death of Jonathan Moore”

This is a summary of the finale of You season 4. Joe decides to kill Kate’s father, Tom Lockwood and executes his plan by luring him to his workshop and killing him. Joe stages Tom’s death to look like he was killed during a robbery attempt by his bodyguard Hugo, whom Joe also kills. After contemplating suicide, Joe tosses his phone in the water, throws Rhys’ body over the bridge, and jumps in himself. Meanwhile, Nadia explains to Eddie that Marienne’s death was faked, and they both decide to investigate Joe as the Eat the Rich Killer.

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