3 Reasons Why Season 5 of You Should Not Occur!


Season 4 of You has 10 episodes, all of which may be viewed on Netflix. You may be wondering if You will return for a fifth season. As Netflix renewed the thriller series early for season 4, it would come as a surprise if the show did not return for a fifth season.

We at Netflix Life, however, think You has had a fantastic run and wouldn’t mind if the streaming giant decided to stop the series after its fourth season. The majority of shows on Netflix only run for four seasons.

We aren’t trying to imply anything. A lot of fun can be had to watch You. Furthermore, Joe Goldberg’s presence would be sorely missed. Yet, we feel that this series has run its course and must terminate.

Keep reading if you’re interested in hearing our predictions for You’s future. We’ve listed three reasons why we don’t think You should be renewed for a fifth season below.

Reasons why season 5 of You should not occur

Joe Reaches His Goal and Meets “the One”

Joe’s search for the “ideal woman” had been going on since the pilot episode. He first assumed Candace met the requirements, but that was a mistake. His life changed forever after he met Beck, as we all know.

3 Reasons Why Season 5 of You Should Not Occur

Once Joe meets Love Quinn, he feels he can finally settle down. Since he marries and has a son, we can say that he eventually settles down. Yet, Joe is no longer interested in spending time with Love after learning that she is a murderer much like him. After that there’s Marianne, but their developing romance was derailed by Love.

Joe meets Kate in the fourth season, and she accepts him despite his flaws and his troubled past. Love understood Joe’s troubled past, but he didn’t appreciate how much she resembled him. Joe and Kate get reunited at the end of the fourth season, and he seems as content as ever.

The Dirt From Joe’s Past is No Longer Going to Be Dredged Up.

Joe’s troubled history always seems to surface whenever he tries to start a new life. However, after the events of Season 4, it appears that Joe will no longer face this problem. Kate still chooses to be with Joe after he reveals his entire background to her, including the names of the individuals he murdered.

Without resorting to a new identity, she uses her power and resources to assist him to have a fresh start in life as Joe Goldberg. This means that as long as Joe is with Kate, he can be assured that his troubled history won’t catch up with him.

There Was a Strong Sense of Closure in the Season 4 Conclusion.

The Season 4 finale felt to me like the end of the series. Joe and Kate appear to be deeply in love by the season’s end, and they are making plans to spend their lives together. Kate has taken over the family business and established two art academies, and Joe has created a bookstore of his own. Joe’s voiceover gives us insight into the lives of Kate’s other pals as well. The writers appear to have intended the conclusion to serve as the series finale.

Keep in mind that Netflix has not confirmed that Season 4 is the final season, so there is yet hope for a Season 5. As soon as we hear anything about the show’s renewal, we’ll let you know.


Season 4 of You is available to watch on Netflix, and many viewers are wondering if there will be a fifth season. Although Netflix has not yet confirmed the show’s future, some believe that it should not be renewed beyond its fourth season. This is because Joe Goldberg’s story seems to have reached a satisfying conclusion, and there is a sense of closure in the Season 4 finale. However, there is still hope for fans who want more, as Netflix has not officially announced the end of the series.

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