Where Was Outer Banks Season 3 Filmed?


Fans of the program know that while the Pogues consider their hometown of Kildare to be heaven on earth, that hasn’t stopped them from venturing to exotic locales both close to home and far away. Season 3 of Outer Banks premiered on Netflix on February 23, 2023, and as many fans knew beforehand, it followed the gang as they traveled to a new location in their never-ending hunt for hidden wealth.

If you’ve been keeping up with the new episodes, you know that their search has led them to a desert island, which they have now renamed “Poguelandia.” Nevertheless, if you’re wondering where exactly the scenes for the third chapter were filmed, you’re in luck. The complete list of locations visited throughout the season is provided below.

The places where Season 3 of Outer Banks was shot are detailed below.

About Outer Bank Series

The American action-adventure mystery drama series “Outer Banks” debuted on Netflix in April 2020 and quickly became a fan favorite. Teenagers (nicknamed the “Pogues”) travel to the Outer Banks of North Carolina in pursuit of riches and end up discovering a long-buried mystery.

Where was Outer Banks season 3 filmed

The city of Charleston, South Carolina served as the setting for the first two seasons of the show. As Netflix hasn’t made any announcements about Season 3, we don’t know where it was recorded.

While there has been a dearth of official details, there have been plenty of rumors and suspicions about places for season three. Because of the show’s setting in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, several viewers have urged that the show’s production be relocated there.

Where Exactly Did They Film Outer Banks Season 3?

Outer Banks, a sunny piece of escape set on North Carolina’s Atlantic coast, makes heavy use of its stunning, National Geographic–worthy settings. The show’s title refers to a chain of islands that stretches from North Carolina to Virginia like a necklace of gems and provides a haven for numerous secluded beaches and wildlife sanctuaries.

The show, however, is not shot in this lovely area of North Carolina. Production was moved from California to Charleston, South Carolina because of the state’s “bathroom law,” which mandates that transgender persons use bathrooms corresponding to the sex they were assigned at birth.

The seaside and beachy atmosphere of the event was perfectly complemented by Charleston. The city’s historic center, narrow lanes, and brightly painted buildings contribute to its endearing character. The production crew did a thorough location survey of the area, taking note of everything from beaches and marinas to quiet residential areas and busy commercial districts.

Where was Outer Banks season 3 filmed?

The Charleston Harbor Resort & Marina is among the most iconic settings from the program. There are several memorable scenes from the season that took place at the resort’s pier, including the opening one in which John B. and Sarah Cameron escape the island by boat. The resort’s pool and a restaurant with a view of the water were also used for filming.

It was also filmed in the Mount Pleasant district of Old Village. As a result of its old architecture, tree-lined alleys, and quaint atmosphere, this neighborhood was chosen to stand in for the made-up town of Kildare. The Pogues’ hangout location in a marshy area beside the water was among the many outdoor sequences shot in this area.

Folly Beach, as well as Kiawah Island and other beaches along the South Carolina coast, were used for the production. The breathtaking ocean views were a primary inspiration for the show’s producers. The beach settings were ideal for the show’s numerous beach scenes, which play a significant role in the plot.

The third season also had several scenes shot in Nassau, Bahamas. The Bahamas was chosen as the location because it was ideal for emulating the show’s tropical environment. Eleuthera, with its pink sand beaches and stunning blue waters, is a likely candidate for the location of the Bahamas sequences in the film.

Season 3 takes place primarily in South Carolina, but also revisits Barbados and its tropical setting. The Camerons’ vacation home is the rented coastal estate Cove Spring House, while the Pogues’ paradisiacal haven is the white sands of Bathsheba Beach on the island’s eastern coast.


In conclusion, while Outer Banks season 3 may not have been filmed in its titular location of the Outer Banks, the production team still managed to capture the essence of the coastal setting by utilizing the picturesque locations of Charleston, South Carolina, and the Bahamas.

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