4 Elite Characters Who Will Not Surely Return in Elite Season 7!


The sixth season of Elite is now available on Netflix, and most viewers have already binge-watched it in its entirety. Now they want to know anything they can about season seven. Release information and the whole cast have not been made public just yet. Production for Elite Season 7 began in November 2022, and we have a good notion of who won’t be returning.

Season 6 of Elite premiered on Netflix, and the streaming service has already confirmed that production on season 7 will begin soon. The seventh season will also feature six new cast members. Elite’s seventh season has new cast members Mirela Balic, Gleb Abrosimov, Fernando Lndez, Alejandro Albarracn, Iván Mendes, and Maribel Verd. For the new season, Nadia Al Saidi will also return as Sonia. A few fan favorites, though, are probably not going to make it into season seven. Who are they, exactly? Read on to find out!

About Elite Series

Developed by Carlos Montero and Daro Madrona, Elite is a Spanish teen drama series produced by Netflix. The story follows three teenagers from lower socioeconomic backgrounds who attend the fictional exclusive high school Las Encinas on scholarship. There is a large number of actors in the show. Many of the actors have been in earlier Netflix productions or Latin American and Spanish releases.

4 Elite Characters Who Will Not Surely Return in Elite Season 7!

Dramatic ideas and concepts are explored in Elite, but so are more progressive topics and different perspectives on drama’s tired clichés. There are a wide variety of sex-related topics covered. The show has a mystery-infused flash-forward structure, with each season spanning two different eras.

Has Cruz Returned for Elite Season 7?

To everyone’s dismay, Carloto Cotta’s Cruz will not be returning for Season 7. After coming out as gay during a season 6 news conference, he was the victim of a hate crime. In the fourth episode, a bunch of homophobic males brutally attack him. A short time later, Patrick, Ari, and Menca are all spotted at the funeral. There is just no way for him to return at this point.

Does Season 7 of Elite Feature Patrick?

Patrick (Manu Rós), played by the actor, appears to have left the show after Season 6. Iván and Patrick are not getting along before he is hit by a car. Despite his wishes to the contrary, Iván holds Patrick responsible for Cruz’s death. He goes so far as to advise Patrick that they should never see each other again. Patrick, persuaded by Ari to do so, chooses to testify in his father’s favor so that he can be released from prison. After that, he and his father move out of Madrid and into a new beginning.

Can I Find Menca in Season 7 of Elite?

In addition to Menca, played by Martina Cariddi, who we probably won’t see in season 7, there’s also Menc (probably). At Isadora’s theatre on the night of the Venetian Carnival, Ral puts narcotics in Menca’s drink. Once Menca concludes that Ari may have gone home, she takes Patrick’s keys and drives his car to her own. It’s a horrible idea because she’s intoxicated. Later revelations reveal that it was Sara who struck Iván, but at first glance, it seemed that she was the aggressor. Menca is in the dark about this because Sara set her up.

4 Elite Characters Who Will Not Surely Return in Elite Season 7!

Once Menca explains the situation to Ari, the latter burns the car to destroy any potential proof. She also warns Menca to keep Patrick’s ordeal quiet. Later, Ari persuades Menca to give testimony for their father, allowing him to be released from prison and remove Menca from Madrid.

Will Ari be Part of Season 7 of Elite?

There is no chance that Ari (Carla Diaz) will return for Season 7. Ari follows her brother and sister’s lead by testifying on Benjamn’s behalf in the trial over Samuel’s death. After realizing that she and her brothers had no future in Madrid, Ari comes up with the notion of getting their father out of prison and starting over somewhere else. The final time we see the Commerford children, they are in the car with their father, making the long journey away from Madrid.


The sixth season of Elite is available on Netflix, and production for Season 7 began in November 2022 with six new cast members. Carloto Cotta’s Cruz will not return for Season 7, and Manu Rós’s Patrick appears to have left the show after Season 6. Menca is a character in the show involved in the Venetian Carnival, but it is unclear if she will appear in Season 7. Ari and Menca burn Patrick’s car to destroy evidence of Sara’s involvement in Iván’s hit-and-run, and Ari convinces Menca to testify for their father’s release from prison. The season ends with the Commerford family leaving Madrid together.

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