Will JJ and Kiara Get Together in Season 3 of Outer Banks?


We can’t wait for OBX Season 3 to start, and neither can you. Those who watch Netflix are obsessed with the Outer Banks, and who can blame them? This thrilling action-third adventure’s season premieres on Thursday, February 23.

In the upcoming episode of the teen mystery thriller, fans will be happy to see familiar faces like Chase Stokes as John B, Madelyn Cline as Sarah, Jonathan Daviss as Pope, Madison Bailey as Kiara, and Rudy Pankow as JJ. Austin North plays Topper, and Charles Esten and Drew Starkey play Ward and Rafe, respectively, two of the three antagonists.

Actress Carlacia Grant has been promoted to a series regular, so we’ll be seeing a lot more of Cleo. Some recurring cast members from previous seasons will return for Season 3, along with some brand-new faces.

The ships play a significant role in the Netflix smash. As a couple, John B. and Sarah are the epitomai of perfection. Is there any word on JJ and Kiara? Is it possible that there is tension between them?

Will JJ and Kiara Get Together in Outer Banks Season 3?

Pope has feelings for Kiara, but he seems to have accepted the fact that they can only ever be friends. Kie made it abundantly apparent that she thinks this of him. Is she just being practical because she doesn’t see a future for the two of them, or does she actually like JJ?

Outer Banks JJ And Kiara Season 3

Kie was concerned for JJ’s well-being after she rescued him from drowning because the Pogues are a close-knit group. The way she clung to him, however, suggests her feelings for the troubled Guy are deeper than platonic.

In addition, several hints dropped in the promotion for Season 3 suggest that there may be more going on between them. Kie and JJ appear to be close in a recent snapshot (see it here!). The brief clip of them hugging each other is also included in the Netflix teaser trailer. Things may continue to progress for the couple.

After losing the riches and fleeing at the end of Season 2, the Pogues will still be washed up on a desert island in Season 3. They decided to call their new territory “Poguelandia.”

It looks like the ideal spot to stay, but then they find themselves “in a race for the riches” again (as the summary puts it). Ward and Rafe are out for vengeance, and a Don in the Caribbean wants his share of the treasure for himself, but the group of pals is destitute and far from home. But the Pogues’ unwavering unity is something we can count on in any circumstance.

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