South Park: How Many Episodes Are in South Park Season 25?


Visiting South Park is a great way for me to forget about my problems for half an hour, just like it is for millions of other people around the United States and the world. As a result, I’ve always found it annoying that there are only ten seasons of South Park each year. The 25th season of South Park, though, might not go that long. How many more episodes of South Park Season 25 can we expect this year?

Let’s talk about what we do know because this post aims to answer those questions.

How Many Episodes Are in South Park Season 25?

Episode 6 of South Park Season 25 premieres tonight, March 16 on Comedy Central. Nothing too unusual; from the outside, it just looks like the middle of the year for the show’s run. The industry side, however, has only confirmed six episodes for the year.

As of right now, fans can only guess at the significance of this. The season may end with only six episodes instead of the usual ten, and there are several possible explanations for this. South Park isn’t doing well in the Nielsen ratings, and because cable as a whole seems to be in decline, I guess there’s not much point in watching it.

How many episodes are in South park season 25

However maybe that’s not the whole story; after all, these shows air on HBO Max the very next day, so they have to get a hefty cut. Puck claims that in 2021, people watched more than 53 billion hours of South Park on streaming services. If we assume an average episode lasts 22 minutes, we get a bit over 2 billion episodes of South Park. Let me tell you, there are a lot of fart and poop jokes in there. I think Mozart would approve.

Stone and Parker’s hectic schedules, in which they must juggle several different tasks, are another factor to take into account.

There’s this new picture agreement with Kendrick Lamar, and I suppose that Paramount and South Park still have another dozen South Park movies in the works. Understandably, they’d be sleeping like a college student in the middle of finals week. The South Park season premiere is approaching quickly; how long before it airs now?

Nobody needs to be worried that the show will be canceled any time soon. In all likelihood, one of you will die before South Park dies, and that includes the author of this post since the program has been renewed for a full 30 more seasons.

Will There Be More South Park Season 25 Episodes?

Having said that, it is impossible to know for sure if this sixth season is the last. The season may end for the year and pick back up at a later date. This is starting to get some traction, particularly among audiences of weekly-updated serials. But, Star Trek: Discovery did indicate that they would return for a second season. Producers behind South Park have been mum about the matter.

Maybe by the time the next South Park episode wraps up, we’ll have a better grasp on the situation. That cliffhanger may be so intense that there would be no need for a second season. Perhaps the ending will be so dramatic that it feels like the curtain has finally fallen. Perhaps it will be so distinct and unrelated to anything else that we’ll be at a loss for words. We South Park fans can only sit tight and hope for the best.

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