Why is South Park Not on Hulu Anymore?


Why is South Park not on Hulu Anymore? South Park is leaving Hulu for HBO Max. Investigate its significance for the much-loved show in question.
The animated show premiered as a Comedy Channel original. Hulu, another major online streaming service, eventually acquired it. South Park, however, will no longer be available on Hulu after the 20th of June, 2020, as per the terms of their deal.

Why is South Park Not on Hulu Anymore?

Hulu paid a hefty sum for a three-year exclusive streaming rights deal for South Park in 2014. The rights to continue airing South Park on Hulu lapsed in 2020, and the final episode aired on the streaming service on June 23, 2020.

On the other hand, all 23 seasons of the popular animated comedy were made available on HBO Max on June 24. I don’t understand what happened or why South Park was removed from Hulu.

Both Trey Parker and Matt Stone have contributed to the creation of South Park. Viacom (the parent company of Comedy Central) and Parker and Stone’s South Park Digital Studios are responsible for its production.

South Park not on Hulu

In June 2020, Hulu’s agreement to stream episodes of South Park from South Park Digital Studios would have ended. HBO’s parent company, Warner Media, which is owned by AT&T, also announced in late October 2019 that it would debut a brand-new streaming service, called HBO Max, in May 2020.

The Hollywood Reporter estimates the $500 million deal that gave HBO Exclusive exclusive rights to the entire South Park catalog. It was also revealed at the time that the popular animated comedy would be available on the new service beginning in June.

Fans who have become accustomed to watching South Park whenever they choose will be pleased to know that, similar to Hulu, new episodes will become accessible on HBO Max 24 hours after they are broadcast on Comedy Central.
According to Decider’s reporting, South Park Digital Studios’ agreement to stream the show on HBO Max also covers the previous three seasons.

Season 24 has yet to have a release date declared, but it can be considered to have begun with the airing of “The Pandemic Special” at the end of September. So that’s why you won’t find South Park on Hulu anymore.

Is HBO Max Home to South Park and Many Classics From Comedy Central?

It has been announced that South Park will be made available on HBO Max. The new streaming service, which launched on May 27, 2020, has an exclusive streaming rights agreement with Comedy Central. The app’s subscription service will provide users access to all 23 seasons. At least three more seasons of South Park are reportedly in the works for HBO Max. If you want HBO Max every month, you’ll have to shell out over $15, which is equivalent to 1,134 Indian rupees.

South Park not on Hulu

South Park will continue to air on HBO Max until the current agreement ends. Loving Life with Anna Kendrick, The Not Too Late Show with Elmo, and who could forget one of the most successful sitcoms of the decade, FRIENDS, are just a few of the original shows and films available on HBO Max.

After saying goodbye to Netflix in early 2020, the popular comedy series is currently streaming on HBO Max. According to rumors, the reported $500 million deal between HBO Max and Comedy Central for all of their original content was inked. After June 24th, South Park can be viewed on HBO Max.

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