What Happened to Pikamee? The Virtual Community is in Disarray!


What Happened to Pikamee: The Japanese VTuber Pikamee is known for her upbeat persona and hilarious videos.
However, she has been embroiled in a scandal, which has forced her to temporarily suspend her work at Source. This article delves into the mysteries surrounding Pikamee and the debates that have arisen because of her.

Who is Pikamee?

Pikamee, also known as Kizuna AI Kaguya, is a virtual YouTuber (VTuber) whose YouTube channel predominantly streams video games. In June of 2020, she made her YouTube debut as a 3D anime-style avatar created by the Japanese business Activ8.

Pikamee is well-known for her bubbly nature and joyful disposition, as well as her distinctively high-pitched voice. She routinely broadcasts games such as Minecraft, Among Us, and Roblox, and she frequently works with other VTubers and content makers.

What Happened to Pikamee

Since her debut, Pikamee’s fame has skyrocketed, and she has amassed a big fan base in Japan and beyond. She has also released goods, such as plush toys and keychains.

What Happened to Pikamee?

According to sportskeeda.com, Amano Pikamee, a prominent member of the Vtube community who is affiliated with the VOMS Project, announced her departure from the group after a brief break. The information was published by VOMS Project on their official Twitter account on March 1.

The announcement of the Vtuber’s graduation came only a few days after she took a vacation due to the Hogwarts Legacy issue. Some Internet users say that the Vtuber was targeted because he merely desired to play video games without engaging in political discourse.

One of the users, @TheIshikawaRin, wrote that they learned of Amano’s plan to retire and that as a result, all of her content will be erased. They continued by stating that it would be “disgraceful” if the harassment she endured due to her desire to play Hogwarts Legacy prompted the quick decision.

Why Is Pikamee Quitting?

Amano Pikamee is a pioneering video game streamer who gained a large following because of her positive attitude and entertaining videos. Like many other streamers, she broadcast the release of Hogwarts Legacy. As a result of the constant attacks and threats she received, she went missing for a few weeks.

According to a tweet from Pikamee’s official account on March 1, 2023, she has “graduated” from the VTuber organization. There was more bad news in the statement: “We regret to inform you that Amano Pikamee, a member of our group, will graduate from the group and end her activities as of March 31, 2023.”

According to Pikamee’s hopes, we have chosen to “graduate” successfully, as we talked with her. Pikamee also provided some background on the matter in a YouTube video, in which she expressed gratitude for the “love and kind words” she received from her VOMS audience. A remark from her: “I’m sorry if this comes as a surprise to you.

There’s still a month left for me, and I’m hoping that despite all that’s happened, we’ll be able to have a great time together.” Pikamee’s fans have shown unwavering loyalty to the VTuber, even in light of the latest developments. Fortunately, Pika herself Tweeted that she was having a great time celebrating her graduation on the day that it was announced.


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Frequently Asked Questions

What Languages Does Pikamee Speak?

As a YouTuber who is fluent in English and Japanese, Pikamee frequently broadcasts in both languages.

Why is Pikamee a Kettle?

This led to inside jokes about Pikamee selling drugs among her supporters. Due to its high-pitched squeak, her fans frequently compare her laughter to a tea kettle or a dolphin.

Who is the World’s First Vtuber?

Kizuna AI, the first VTuber to attain breakthrough fame, made her YouTube debut in late 2016. She coined and first used the phrase “virtual YouTuber.”

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