What Happened to Stunna Girl? The Mystery Continues


Stunna Girl is an American rapper and songwriter. Tap Out (2018), On the Record (2018), Let It Drip (2018), That Part (2019), Back in the Day (2019), and Runway (2019) are some of her most well-known hits to date (2019). Stunna Girl’s first self-released album, named YKWTFGO, dropped on February 22, 2019. The album consists of seventeen tracks. In this article, we got to know what happened to Stunna Girl. So read the article till the end!

Who is Stunna Girl?

From Sacramento, California, Stunna Girl was born Suzanne Sade Brown on July 2, 1998, and is a famous rapper, artist, TikToker, media face, reality show star, and online influencer. She has a large fan base in the country thanks to her stunning good looks and angelic voice.

Her song “Runway” has attracted tens of thousands of listeners. Many people used this song as the soundtrack to make a smooth transition and posted the results on various social media accounts.

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Moreover, Suzanne has been playing the piano and learning to rap since she was 8 years old. She has been able to hone her vocals and learn the basics of recording thanks to the support of her loved ones. I’m sorry to break it to you, but she has a lot of music out now. Yo Bitch, Clout, Back in the Day, That Part, As I Said Tho, 10 Times, Pop You, and many more are just a few of her hit tracks.


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What Happened to Stunna Girl?

Originally from Sacramento, California, Stunna Girl is a rapper and online sensation. Her career took off with the TikTok posting of her song “Runway,” which became a massive internet hit.

She has a discography that includes Real Rap, On the Record, Let It Drip, and YKWTFGO (2019). Stunna Girl is a successful single mother who has amassed a $250,000 fortune. Her alleged $1 million contract with Capitol Music Group was not cheap.

Since she first began making songs, Stunna Girl has gotten into fights with rappers Noni Blanco and Lil Kayla. In addition to her dispute with Cuban Doll, she also argued with this person.

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Stunna Girl received a lengthy prison term for multiple offenses, including theft, fraud, and money laundering. The victims of her schemes went to the police, which led to her arrest. Stunna Girl had been operating a complex fraud scheme for quite some time, costing her victims a great deal of money. The judge took into account her extensive criminal record in handing down a lengthy prison term.

Who Did Stunna Girl Imprison?

Stories have it that Stunna Girl was crucial to the Cuban Doll’s win over Rockey Badd. Dallas rapper Cuban Doll, who had reportedly signed a $1 million contract with Capitol Music Group in April 2018, announced her departure from the company lives on Instagram on October 15.

Rapper Rocky Badd from Detroit claims that Cuban and his colleagues, including fellow rapper Stunna Girl from Los Angeles, raped her, stole her necklace, and locked her in a dog cage. After paying Rocky for a fake booking in California, they rushed her manager, badly sliced her stomach (requiring stitches), and locked her in a cage with a dog.

What Happened to Stunna Girl

Cuban’s decision to involve the police in this situation raises questions about her motives. She was sleeping when Stunna Girl showed up at her place; she thrashed her and then called the cops. Lando Bando, Badd’s manager, was also a target. Stunna Girl then took the doll’s chain and wove it into her narrative.

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After Stunna stole Doll’s chain, he put it up for sale. Friends since childhood, Cuban Doll and Stunna Girl worked together to help put Rocky Badd in the cage. Stunna and Cuban Doll denied locking her up and they eventually quit being pals. Even though Rocky thought Cuban Doll was behind it all, the consensus is that Stunna Girl abducted her and locked her up in the dog’s cage.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stunna Girl Known for?

The 22-year-old rapper from Sacramento is vicious and boisterous, never unsure of herself, and always in your face. But when you sit down with her alone, she becomes timid. In-person, Stunna’s quiet attitude stuns you. Suzanne, the real name of the viral rapper, is a product of her upbringing.

Why was Stunna Girl Incarcerated?

Stunna Girl was incarcerated for multiple offenses, including theft, fraud, and money laundering. Her criminal activities were uncovered when victims of her cons contacted the police.

Stunna is from Salisbury, NC.


Stunna Girl is a rapper and songwriter from Sacramento, California, known for her good looks and angelic voice. Her self-released album “YKWTFGO” dropped in 2019, and her career took off with the TikTok posting of her song “Runway.” She is a successful single mother with a $250,000 fortune, and allegedly signed a $1 million contract with Capitol Music Group. However, there have been controversies, including fights with other rappers, and allegations of fraud and kidnapping.

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