What Happened to Greer on Bachelor Show? Get Details!


After spending Week 5 hiding out in a hotel room with COVID, another contestant, Zach Shallcross finally returned on Episode 6 of The Bachelor on Monday, February 27. When Shallcross’s positive COVID diagnosis delayed Episode 5, the week in London culminated with the franchise’s first-ever Zoom rose ceremony.

Shallcross presented the last rose to Greer after sending Mercedes and Kylee home, leading fans to assume she would be back for Episode 6.

Who is Greer on Bachelor?

The Bachelor Season 27 featured Greer Blitzer as a contestant alongside Zach Shallcross, a 26-year-old tech executive originally from Anaheim Hills, California who now resides in Austin, Texas. On the nineteenth season of The Bachelorette, Zach Shallcross competed for Rachel Recchia against Gabby Windey and ultimately eliminated himself in the final three.

What Happened to Greer on Bachelor

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In September of 2022, during the After the Final Rose special for The Bachelorette’s nineteenth season, Zach was revealed to be the next Bachelor.

What Happened to Greer Bachelor?

In episode 5, Blitzer and Shallcross got into a heated debate during the Zoom cocktail party. With these words, the rival was reaching out to Shallcross:

I work in sales and the last time I had COVID it was at the end of a quarter, so I know what it’s like to have a goal you’re trying to reach and you’re stuck.

I have some news, Episode 6 host Jesse Palmer informed Shallcross at the outset. It seems that Greer has been suffering from some of the covid symptoms.
As Bachelor Zach Shallcross is in isolation with covid-19, the remaining women of Season 27 go on a group trip to London without him. The show used virtual dates and a rose ceremony to keep the Bachelor process moving along.

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Kaity, Greer, Mercedes, and the rest of the gang were spied roaming the streets of London without Zach. Of course, Zach wasn’t the only one forced to stay indoors during the quarantine. She will be off-limits for dates starting in Week 6 due to Blitzer’s ongoing COVID testing, he said.
On week 6 of “The Bachelor,” Greerfelt under the weather” and hid out in her room. For Greer to contract coronavirus and still be on the show until the Budapest finale, the rules of this season’s The Bachelor must have been changed.

Did Greer leave ‘The Bachelor’?

Unlike Logan Palmer, who was booted off The Bachelorette after testing positive for COVID, Greer has shown to be virus-free. A preview of Episode 7 reveals that she will be making a comeback appearance in Budapest.


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Greer may be seen on video rushing to Zach’s hotel room, embracing him, and declaring to the camera, “I’m back, baby!” Soon after, she smiles at Zach and says, “I still sense something between us.” Does he agree? He claims to have “strong feelings for all these women,” so his relief upon the return of Greer is understandable.

Is the Texas native, Greer, destined to make it to the finish of the show? Let’s find out what Reality Steve, the reigning king of spoilers, has to say about that. But alas, she doesn’t. As far as Reality Steve is concerned, Greer loses in Budapest.

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Greer may find true love soon, perhaps on Bachelor in Paradise, even though she and Zach were doomed to be together.

The Bachelor returns with brand new episodes every Monday at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

Frequently Asked Questions

From Where is Greer?

She was born and reared in Houston, Texas, but she took a chance and went to New York City, where she enjoys experiencing life to the fullest. Greer is devoted and self-assured, and she seeks a companion who can match her wit and charisma.

What Does Greer Do for a Living?

Greer listed her occupation as “Medical Sales Representative” on The Bachelor.

Who Got Greer Pregnant?

Greer just disclosed privately that she had been carrying Martin de Lambert’s child since their one-night stand months ago.


Contestant Zach Shallcross returned to “The Bachelor” and gave his last rose to Greer Blitzer, who later showed COVID symptoms and was unable to join the group trip to London. Greer returned to Budapest, pregnant with Martin de Lambert’s child, and may find love on “Bachelor in Paradise.”

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