How Old Was Joseph When He Married Mary According to the Bible?


The biblical story of Joseph and Mary’s courtship and marriage is one of the most well-known love stories of all time. Young, pious, and inwardly focused, Mary is a model of virtue. Joseph is submissive, loyal, and watchful. They raised Jesus as Jesus’ earthly parents. Many Biblical readers have perplexing inquiries concerning the divine spouse. One of the questions they ask is how old Joseph was when they were married.

Who is Joseph the Husband of Mary?

Mary’s husband, Joseph, was the father of Jesus. The tradition states that Joseph had previously established a family and, after the death of his first wife, decided to take a Nazarite vow and marry a young woman. Origen, Clement of Alexandria, and Justin, three of the most influential church leaders of the second and third centuries, all made mention of this legend. Yet, it is impossible to confirm the events in this account using historical records.

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How Old Was Joseph When He Married Mary

It’s likely that by the time Jesus Christ’s mission began, His adoptive father, Joseph, had already died. This finding makes sense, given the high rate of workplace accidents and the low average lifespan. Many of Jesus Christ’s followers were also familiar with Joseph (John 1:45; 6:42).

Those who knew Jesus Christ well were acquainted with his mother and siblings but seem to know little about his father beyond his profession. Jacob, Joseph, Simon, and Judah are the names that appear to be most attested for Jesus‘ younger half-brothers, suggesting that Joseph and Mary named one of their sons after Joseph.

How Old Was Joseph When He Married Mary?

To what age Joseph was when he wed Mary is unknown in the Bible. There are, however, a few recommendations from various quarters.

Other accounts state that Mary was already an adult when she became pregnant. It was also against the law to marry off a girl who had not yet turned 12 years old.

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As Joseph is described as righteous in the Bible, it’s safe to presume he followed all the rules before getting involved with Mary. So, it is likely that Joseph was in his early twenties when he wed Mary.

Another account suggeststraveledy that Joseph moved to Bethlehem to comply with Roman tax requirements. So, the couple had reached the age of majority and traveled to Bethlehem to pay their taxes.

Did Joseph Have a Wife Before Mary?

According to the Eastern Orthodox Church, Joseph was a widower who engaged with Mary, and the “brothers” Jesus is said to have were histological offspring from a previous marriage. His first wife is identified as Salome.

How Old Was Joseph When He Married Mary

The relationship between Joseph and Asenath is stated for the first time in Genesis 41:45. Asenath, daughter of Potiphera, priest of On, was reportedly presented to Joseph by Pharaoh as his wife. Genesis 41:50 reveals that Joseph and Asenath had two sons before the famine hit.

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When Joseph married Maria Josefa of Bavaria (1739-1767) in 1765, after he had become Holy Roman Emperor at his mother’s insistence, the marriage was a complete and utter failure on both sides.

Frequently Asked Questions…

What Age Was Joseph When He Married Mary?

The document was not the first one to do so. In another early source, The History of Joseph the Carpenter, composed in Egypt between the 6th and 7th centuries, Christ narrates the account of his stepfather, stating that Joseph was 90 years old when he married Mary and 111 years old when he died.

How Many Children Did Joseph Have Before He Married Mary?

The text is structured as Jesus’ explanation on Mount Olives of the life of Joseph, his stepfaBye with Mary’s continuing virginity, the narrative indicates that Joseph had four sons (Judas, Justus, James, and Simon) and two daughters (Asia and Lydia) from a previous marriage (Judas, Justus, James, and Simon).

Did Mary and Joseph Have Any More Children Besides Jesus?

When Protestants refer to Mary as a “virgin,” they mean that she was a virgin up until the birth of Jesus. They believe she and Joseph had children the Bible calls “the Lord’s brothers.” The debate stems from biblical passages including the words “brethren,” “brother,” and “sister.”

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