What Happened to Morgan Nick? Arkansas Girl’s Disappearance Remains Unsolved After 26 Years!


Hulu thinks the disappearance of Morgan Nick will be the next big thing in a world obsessed with true crime stories. The tragedy of Morgan, who was just six years old when she disappeared from a baseball game in Arkansas in 1995, is the subject of a new limited docuseries on the streaming service, titled Still Missing Morgan and produced by Ridley Scott. Several individuals are curious as to her whereabouts all these years afterward.

Who is Morgan Nick?

Nick Morgan Chauntel, better known by his stage name Morgan In 1995, Nick, an American girl, was kidnapped from a Little League baseball game in Alma, Arkansas.

What Happened to Morgan Nick
Morgan’s birth date was September 12, 1988, and she was taken from her family on June 9, 1995, when she was just six years old.

Morgan was a tiny girl of just 4 feet in height when she vanished. She was around 5 feet tall, had blond hair, and blue eyes, and weighed about 55 pounds (25 kilograms). All five of her molars had silver crowns. The last time anyone saw her, she was wearing a green Girl Scouts shirt, blue denim shorts, and white sneakers.

What Happened to Morgan Nick?

Colleen Nick and her daughter Morgan, at age 6, were spending yet another evening at the baseball field in Alma, Arkansas. On the evening of June 9, 1995, at around 10:30 p.m., Morgan asked her mother if she may go out with other neighborhood kids to try to collect lightning bugs. Her mom hung around close to watch the baseball game.

Morgan, according to rumors spread by her pals, went to her mom’s car to remove sand from her shoes when she was there alone. As she was putting her shoes back on, they claimed to have seen a man standing nearby. Morgan’s buddies left without her as the game concluded. No matter how hard Colleen looked, she couldn’t find Morgan. Not a single person has seen her since then.

Morgan and her friends were enjoying a day at the park when a man was spotted by neighbors. Around the same time that Morgan disappeared, witnesses said a red Ford pickup pulling a white camper drove off. Some of them mistook the truck’s decals for those from Arkansas.

After Morgan vanished, the police didn’t stop investigating any possible leads. They looked for Morgan in early 2002 on a private piece of land in Arkansas after receiving a tip that he might be there, but they came up empty. Later, in 2010, police in Oklahoma combed through a deserted residence in search of Morgan’s fingerprints. Even after returning to the spot with cadaver dogs seven years later, they found nothing.

Is Morgan Nick Found or Missing? Is She Dead or Alive?

We regret to inform you that Morgan Nick has not been located. The case is still being actively investigated by police, and her loved ones remain optimistic that she will come home safely. In response to the disappearance report, police promptly began a comprehensive search of the area. In addition to the multiple search parties formed by police and local volunteers, detectives also went door to door in their pursuit of evidence and potential witnesses.

What Happened to Morgan Nick

Police issued a comprehensive description of the suspect, a 6-foot tall person of solid build and weight of roughly 180 pounds after Jessica and Tye reported seeing a man conversing with Morgan before her disappearance. Reports described the suspect as having salt and pepper hair, a mustache, and a beard, and authorities estimated his age to be between 23 and 38. Home videos filmed at the ballpark also revealed that the suspect was operating a red pickup vehicle, albeit the quality of the video prevented a definite identification of the driver.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Has Morgan Nick Been Found?

In 2016, the murderer of Jacob confessed and led investigators to his remains. Morgan remains missing as of today.

How Did Morgan Nick Go Missing?

According to the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children, Morgan was kidnapped in Alma, Arkansas on June 9, 1995, by an unidentified white male while she was playing baseball.

Who Kidnapped Morgan Nick?

In November 2021, FBI agents identified Billy Jack Lincks as a person of interest and requested the public’s assistance in gathering information about him. Two months after Morgan Nick’s disappearance, Lincks was found guilty of sexual indecency for attempting to abduct a child.

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