What Happened to Faze Rain? The Gamer’s Struggle with Depression and Addiction!


What Happened to Faze Rain? What happened to Faze Rain is the burning question surrounding popular Canadian YouTuber Nordan Shat. Those who follow Faze Rain on YouTube for his vlogs, fan mail openings, and Call of Duty videos may be concerned about his whereabouts as of late. Stay with me if you’re curious about what became of Faze Rain.

Who is Faze Rain?

Faze Rain, as Nordan Shat, has amassed a large following on YouTube thanks to his impressive gaming prowess. To say that his nearly 4 million subscribers make his channel shine would be an understatement. As Nordan has amassed his notoriety through his unwavering commitment, it should come as no surprise that he has created a channel that is so popular that even industry veterans subscribe to it.

What Happened to Faze Rain

The popular gaming YouTuber Nordan Shat, better known by his alias Faze Rain, announced on Sunday, February 19, 2023, that he had finally recovered enough to walk again after months of physical therapy.

He is a professional gamer from Canada who uses his channel, Faze Rain, to share videos about video games (formerly called Trick Shotting). Daily vlogs, fan mail readings, and Call of Duty films are among the 26-year-old old’s popular uploads.

In 2021, he revealed that he was unable to walk without assistance due to chemical neuropathy.

What Happened to Faze Rain?

Faze had a drug problem as many famous people have had. After departing the estate, he tweeted a series of (since deleted) messages to his followers explaining that he was leaving “because I have significant nerve damage. At this point, I have just experienced agony. No longer able to walk, I also suffer from 30 daily seizures. Learn from me,” he urged his followers. He was told, “You don’t want this!” and that he needed a wheelchair to get around.

He explained that he had been struggling with his mental health and that he eventually turned to narcotics to cope. Then, he released a video message to his followers.
He said that he had been bedridden for almost a year due to persistent discomfort and that his condition had not improved despite extensive medical attention. He streamed regularly over several months, updating followers on his recovery and his efforts to walk again.

What Happened to Faze Rain

He claims in another video that he took narcotics thinking they would kill him, but instead they caused him severe physical harm that has persisted to this day. To add insult to injury, he claimed he “deserved” to be evicted from the home. Thankfully, by the close of the year 2021, he had been welcomed back inside the Faze home.

He announced on Twitter that he had been clean from drugs for a full year in August of 2021. Let’s hope he keeps this up and puts his mind and body first.

Where is Faze Rain now?

As evidenced by his latest tweet, Faze Rain appears to be in good health following his recent therapy. The co-owner of Faze Clan has been drug-free for almost five months now after a long and difficult struggle. In return, his followers Tweeted him nothing but positive comments wishing him well.

Faze Rain uploaded this video on his youtube channel 3 days ago…

It’s unclear whether and when Faze Rain will resume its normal operations and begin promoting fresh YouTube videos. In anticipation of his further improvement, the YouTuber’s 5.4 million viewers are eagerly awaiting his next upload.

Frequently Asked Questions…

What is Faze Rain Most Renowned for?

Nordan Shat was born on May 29, 1996, better known online as FaZe Rain, and is a YouTuber from Canada. Rain is primarily recognized for his vlogs, fan mail openers, and Call of Duty videos; however, he uploads less Call of Duty footage than he used to.

What Happened to the Legs of Faze Rain?

Recently, NordanFaZe Rain” Shat, a 26-year-old content producer, announced that he had acquired sufficient motor control to walk alone. About two years after declaring in 2021 that he was suffering from chemical neuropathy, the streamer is back on his feet.

Does Faze Rain Still Stream?

Priority comes first: Rain has not been streaming, but he is still playing video games.

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