Why and When Did Toni Collette & Dave Galafassi Divorce?

Toni Collette, who has been married to percussionist David Galafassi for nearly twenty years, announced their separation on Wednesday. Collette uploaded a photo of a floral sign stating “Peace & Love” and a message signed by both of them to Instagram.

Who is Dave Galafassi?

Dave Galafassi is a member of the Australian band Toni Collette & the Finish and plays drums for the group. He developed an interest in drumming as a teenager because of his upbringing in New South Wales, Australia. Before joining the Sydney indie band “Gelbison,” Galafassi was a member of several local bands.

Toni Collette & Dave Galafassi Divorce

In 2003, the group unveiled their self-titled debut studio album, which included several singles. Eventually, he split from the band and, in 2006, created the band Toni Collette & the Finish with his wife. Beautiful Awkward Pictures, their first album, came out in October of 2006. Sage Florence Galafassi and Arlo Robert Galafassi are the children of Galafassi and his wife, Australian actor, and singer Toni Collette. Family members live in both Sydney and Ireland.

Who is Toni Collette?

Australian actress, producer, singer, and songwriter Toni Collette Galafassi was born on 1 November 1972 and has been active in the entertainment industry since her early childhood.

She is well-known for her roles on TV and in indie films, and she has been honored with numerous awards and nominations for more prestigious honors due to her work: a Golden Globe, a Primetime Emmy, five AACTA Awards, and nominations for an Oscar, a Tony, and two BAFTAs.

Full Name Toni Collett
Born On 1 November 1972
Birth Place Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
  • Actress
  • producer
  • singer
  • songwriter
Gender  Female
Children  2
Dave Galafassi  (m. 2003; sep. 2022)
Active Years  1990–present

When Did Toni Collette & Dave Galafassi Meet the First Time?

The pair first saw Galafassi perform together and instantly hit it off. The actress for Hereditary revealed in 2018 that she and a companion had gone to see Gelbison perform and briefly chatted with Galafassi afterward, as reported by The Sydney Morning Herald. A gathering a few days later brought the two back together.

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Toni Collette & Dave Galafassi Divorce

“When I went in, he was the first person I saw. The moment he kissed me on the cheek, I felt myself slowly melting. I only meant to stay for ten minutes, but… During my 12-hour stay, “according to what Collette told the media. Good day, as far as days go.

Have Toni Collette & Dave Galafassi Any Children Together?

Collette and Galafassi announced their pregnancy a few years after they tied the married. “This has brought us a great deal of joy. All in all, we couldn’t be happier, “Little Miss Sunshine starlet remarked, as reported by the AP. Colette said, “It is strange, in the previous three films I’ve done, I’ve been pregnant in all of them.” “What the heck are the cosmos trying to tell me, I ask. But I believe that everything occurs at its proper time.”

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Sage Florence was born to the couple on January 9, 2008, in Sydney. “Everyone is healthy and joyful!” the spokesperson for Collette stated at the time. Collette and Galafassi’s kid was born on April 22, 2011.

Toni Collette’s representative, “Toni, David, and their 3-year-old daughter Sage (Florence) are overjoyed to welcome their son, Arlo Robert Galafassi.” “He was born on Good Friday, making it the greatest Friday, indeed!” the parents said in a statement.

Collette and Galafassi have kept their children out of the public eye for the most part because of their strong desire for privacy.

When Did Toni Collette & Dave Galafassi Get Married?

After nearly a year of dating, in January 2003, Collette and Galafassi wed in a Buddhist ceremony not far from Sydney. PEOPLE claimed that 100 guests gathered at Collette’s 25-acre rural retreat for a ceremony presided over by Buddhist monks.

When and Why  Did Toni Collette & Dave Galafassi Divorce?

Photos showing Galafassi kissing a woman on Sydney’s Manly Beach were published by The Daily Mail in December 2022. As they swam together in the ocean, the drummer and the woman, later identified as  chiropractor Shannon Egan, were spotted holding hands and swimming together.

Toni Collette & Dave Galafassi Divorce

A statement from Collette and Galafassi was posted to Instagram hours later, announcing their divorce after a “significant period of separation.”

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“Our decision to divorce is one we make with mutual respect and gratitude. We agree with this decision and will part ways with mutual respect and affection. Our children are the most important thing in the world to us, and we are committed to maintaining our family unit in whatever form that takes. We appreciate the time and care you’re giving us as we change and grow together “the report indicated.

The breakup news came a few months before the pair would have celebrated 20 years of marriage.

Frequently Asked Questions…

Dave Galafassi is from Australia.
Who Was Toni Collette’s Husband?
Toni Collette’s husband was Dave Galafassi.

Does Toni Collette Have Children?

Toni Collette has two children.

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