What Was the Reason of Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus Divorce?

The marriage between Billy Ray Cyrus and his wife Tish Cyrus has ended. After more than 28 years of marriage, the couple has decided to separate. They’re splitting up for the third time.

Tish filed for divorce on April 6 in Williamson County, Tennessee, citing irreconcilable differences. In her words, it’s been almost two years since they shared housing. A response from the pair’s agents has not been received as of this writing.

Who is Tish Cyrus?

U.S.-born manager and producer Tish Finley Cyrus was born on May 15, 1967. She’s been working with Miley Cyrus and Crush Music’s Jonathan Daniel to handle her daughter’s career from the beginning. Tish leads the television and film production firm Hopetown Entertainment as its president.

Billy Ray Cyrus & Tish Cyrus Divorce

Full Name Tish Finley Cyrus
Born On May 15, 1967
Birth Place America
Occupation Manager and Producer
Gender  Female  
Spouse Billy Ray Cyrus (m. 1993; Sep. 2020)
Children 5
Active Years 2001 – present

Who is Billy Ray?

Billie Ray Cyrus was born on August 25, 1961. He’s an American actor and country music singerSince 1992, he’s put out 16 studio albums and 53 singles.

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His song “Achy Breaky Heart” is the first single to go triple platinum in Australia and peaked at number one on the U.S. Hot Country Songs list. It also held the title of best-selling single in the same country in 1992. The video for the song greatly increased the line dance’s profile.

Why Did Billy Ray and Tish Cyrus Divorce?

On Wednesday, Tish filed for divorce in Williamson County, Tennessee, alleging irreconcilable differences. She also mentioned that it’s been almost two years since she and Billy Ray shared housing.

Billy Ray Cyrus & Tish Cyrus Divorce

When Billy Ray was absent from the traditional Christmas photo, fans immediately began to speculate that the couple had broken up. Tish had shared a family photo on Instagram that included her and her five children: Brandi (age 34), Trace (age 32), Miley (age 29), Braison (age 27), and Noah (age 21).

Miley had also posted the same photo on her personal Instagram account, this time without tagging Billy Ray or mentioning him in the text, leading many to speculate that relations between Billy Ray and Tish were tense.

Did Billy Ray Cheat on Tish?

The fact that this supposedly isn’t the first time Tish has suspected Billy Ray of infidelity has led many people to speculate that this is the reason she filed for divorce.

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Billy Ray and Kristin Luckey had their first child, Christopher Cody Cyrus, in May 1992, just eight months before Miley was born. Mirror reports that Billy Ray dated Luckey briefly while she was “a waitress in South Carolina.”

It is said that Billy Ray was not involved much in Christopher’s upbringing, even though he never tried to hide his other child from the public eye.
Chris’s mother told Mirror that her son “reaches out to have a relationship,” but that it had been months since the couple had gotten engaged. “Chris is a wonderful kid who can cope very well. He kept a lot to himself, but I can tell when his pain is overwhelming him. He has never once had so much as a Merry Christmas or Happy Birthday wish.”

How Many Times Have Tish and Billy Ray Filed for Divorce?

First filing for divorce from Tish in 2010, Billy Ray ended the proceedings five months later during an interview on “The View.” “I’m calling off the divorce,” he declared. I wish to mend the fences between my loved ones. The state of affairs is ideal.

Billy Ray Cyrus & Tish Cyrus Divorce

Things between Billy Ray and Tish had begun to deteriorate again by 2013; this time, it was Tish who initiated divorce proceedings. She told People in an interview, “We’re trying to figure out how to handle this in a way that benefits our family as a whole, as it is a very private situation. For the time being, we’d appreciate it if you could give us some space.”

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After the couple disclosed that they had saved their marriage via couples therapy and hard work, they decided to reconsider filing for divorce. In a joint statement released in July 2013, the couple said, “We both woke up to realize we love each other and decided we want to stay together.”

We’ve been together for 22 years, but we finally decided to try couples counseling. It’s done wonders for our relationship and our ability to communicate with one another.

When Did Billy Ray Cyrus & Tish Cyrus Meet First Time?

At a club in 1991, Billy Ray Cyrus and Tish Cyrus had their first meeting.
They initially met in a club in 1991, a year before the release of the country singer’s breakthrough single “Achy Breaky Heart.” Billy Ray had told, “It wasn’t pretty” when he was homeless and lived in his van.

When Did Billy Ray Cyrus & Tish Cyrus File for Divorce?

Tish filed for divorce once again on April 6, 2022, in Williamson County, Tennessee, citing “irreconcilable disagreements,”. In addition, she mentioned that it’s been almost two years since the couple last shared a house.

A family official shared a statement from the pair, which read, “After 30 years, five lovely children, and a lifetime of memories, we have decided to go our separate ways — not with grief, but with love in our hearts.” We’ve built a family to be proud of as a unit, but now it’s time to go in separate directions.

“We look forward to a lifetime of loving companionship as parents and friends because of this bond. We have not made this choice hastily or blithely, but there is so much going on in the world right now that we felt it was necessary to offer some clarity and finality “The statement goes on. As Tish and Billy Ray Cyrus said, “With Love and Hope.”

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