Why and When Did Katie Thurston and John Hersey Divorce?

Katie Thurston, two months after her breakup with John Hersey, now blames him for the split.

“Technically, we broke up twice,” the ex-“Bachelorette” explained on Tuesday’s episode of Kaitlyn Bristowe’s “Off the Vine” podcast. Before that, it was a secret. To know what happened between them and what was the reason for their divorce. Read the complete Article.

Who is Katie Thurston?

Katie Lane Thurston was born on January 3, 1991, in the United States. As a participant in season 25 of The Bachelor and as the star of season 17 of The Bachelorette, she gained national prominence.

Katie Thurston and John Hersey Divorce

Full Name Katie Lane Thurston
Born on  January 3, 1991,
Birth Place Lynnwood, Washington, U.S.
Occupation TV personality
Gender  Female
Nationality American
Age 32
Active Years 2021–present

When Did Katie Thurston and John Hersey First Meet?

Filming for Thurston’s season of The Bachelorette began in March at The Hyatt Regency Tamaya Resort & Spa in New Mexico, even though the show wasn’t scheduled to air on ABC until June of 2021.

Hersey and Thurston hit it off immediately upon meeting for the first time, with Thurston remarking that Hersey was her “type.” Their brief chemistry, however, appears to have fizzled out, as Thurston sent Hersey home during the season’s second rose ceremony. During the last rose ceremony, Thurston proposed to Moines.

Katie Thurston Shares the Real Reason Behind John Hersey’s Split

Katie Thurston and John Hersey’s admirers were startled to hear the news of their breakup because their romance had only lasted a short time. Katie’s entire breakdown. Katie has begun to disclose more personal information regarding the breakup. Katie said that John was the one who ditched her during her in-depth interview with Kaitlyn Bristowe on the Off the Vine Podcast.

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Katie continued by saying how they had split up twice. They were only apart for a short time the first time they broke up. The two were able to resolve their differences and reconcile. On the contrary, the situation worsened. She continued, “I think it was just unavoidable…. We were simply chatting away when I suddenly blurted out, “… “There are more things about me that I know you hate than things about me that you adore.” And that’s an s—ty sensation, Katie elaborated.

Katie Thurston and John Hersey Divorce

Katie thinks it’s important to give and take in a relationship. She continued her narrative by telling how he told her, “I just really need someone who can enjoy my passions and who wants to watch the surf, maybe learn surfing with me,” and she responded, “You understand I jumped out of an f—king plane three times,” to share in his interests. There was a lot of preparation time involved—eight hours of ground school to participate in “his passion,” but we’ve completely forgotten about that now that surfing is our main priority. That was when I realized there was no use in trying because I could never achieve success.

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Katie stated it was difficult at the beginning of their relationship. Public perception of them had already been formed due to the speed with which she and John began dating following her breakup with Blake Moines. Her relationship with John was an important part of her life, and she has no regrets about ending it. She claimed that their six months together ended in “crash and burn.” Since they had started as friends, she was confused as to why he wouldn’t recognize her.

She Bought Him a Van

Katie also shared that she had acquired the van that John had been using for his travels. She provided him with the means to quit his job and start living his life on his terms.

To this day, she can’t fathom how he could have taken so much from her and still decided that their relationship wasn’t working.

When Did Katie Thurston and John Hersey Break Up?

Katie Thurston and John Hersey’s split is confirmed on June 20, 2022.
Thurston and Hersey broke up on June 20, 2022, after dating for less than a year. An Instagram post by Thurston reading “Statement: no we aren’t together” served as the couple’s official announcement of their breakup.

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Hersey elaborated on his Story, informing followers that the decision to end their relationship was “not chosen lightly” or “an easy one to make.”

Katie Thurston and John Hersey Divorce

“I appreciate the opportunity to share memorable and humorous experiences with you. the fortunate ones Exaggerated, humiliating, and sincere ones. Although I doubt it will grow any less difficult to talk about the tragic ones, “As well as speaking, he was a writer. “I can’t say how much I value everyone who has helped us along the way. In fact, without you, none of us would even be here.”

Frequently Asked Questions…

Are Jon and Katie Still Together?

“As Katie previously stated, we are no longer dating. The decision was not made lightly, nor was it an easy one to make,” he stated. “I love being able to share funny special moments with you all.

When Did John Hersey Exit the Season of Katie?

John Alex Hersey participated in the seventeenth season of The Bachelorette. He was eliminated in week 2.

What Happened to Jon and Katie Thurston?

We are no longer dating, as Katie indicated before,” he explained. This decision was certainly not made lightly, nor was it simple. On June 21, he said, “I appreciate all of you who have supported us along this trip.

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